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Browse through our collection of eBooks, audio books and other digital products. All books are non-fiction, mostly from authors who are considered experts in their respective fields. In order to share their knowledge, they decided to self-publish in digital format, without relying on large publishing companies. Because of this most of 'our' books are not available on other book sites.

Latest Members' Reviews

  • Lori JuddAnonymous wrote a review for No More Crohn's Disease
    No More Crohn's Disease
    I would like to be contacted.     I just ordered this e-book but it didn't come. I know I am not computer friendly,. but how do I get it or down load itkThank you for your help Lori
  • Liam wrote a review for Luxury Wholesale Online Subscription
    My experiences of Luxury Wholesale Shopping
    I love these types of membership programs. Its a cool concept and has really taken the internet by storm. I just joined this luxury membership program that my co-workers have been talking about, its called Luxury Wholesale Online. I got my wife a...
  • Anonymous wrote a review for DVD Copy Pro
    Not very impressed
    Non-intuitive Does not compress movies to fit on 4.7 discs--have to use another program Burning function all of a sudden non-functional If program freezes, have to restart computer
  • Anonymous wrote a review for
    search quarry
    Say you paid for a drink at the bar and it was watered down junk you didn't like it, but the bartender kept bringing them every 20 minutes and expected payment, wouldn't you punch him in the face? I just want a face to punch not some gerbil...
  • A great tool
    I am a singer/songwriter that started recording in 2009. A friend gave me this course as a present and believe me, I have improved my quality and power in singing like I never thougth I would. It is simple and easy to follow. Keep the exercises...