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by Jack Kanefield

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100 Trade Jack is a membership website that helps you learn how to trade stocks profitably. It is developed and run by 25-year trader, Jack Kanefield. It offers you the fastest way to learn how to trade stocks by letting you watch Kanefield trade real-time. Unlike other rehashed stock trading systems and manuals, 100 Trade Jack lets you learn hands on. Also, instead of recommendations, you will get to see how Jack Kanefield handles real money. No hyped up strategies, and fluff-filled success stories. All you get is 100% stock trading knowledge.

Aside from seeing Jack Kanefield trade live, you will also have access to his video explanations by the end of the day. In the videos, Jack will explain every move he made while trading. This will help you learn much faster and provide answers to the most common questions. Once you feel that you are ready, you can start making money by imitating exactly what Jack Kanefield does. By doing the exact same things he does, you will be sure to earn what he earns. Your money will stay under your care, and in your own bank account. Best of all, you can allot a measly 5 minutes of your time everyday trading with Jack. This means that you won’t have to leave your day job while starting your trading career.

If you are ready to start earning money life a pro stock trader, 100 Trade Jack is the only resource you need. By having the ability to buy whenever Jack buys, and sell whenever he sells, you will earn the same kind of income that has kept Jack Kanefield trading for 25 years.

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Our best move so far
posted this review on October 3, 2013

I put my full trust in 100 Trade Jack because you really see him doing the exact same trades to his money. I would never trust an automated machine for trading. Since retirement, my husband and I have been looking for the perfect way to trade stocks. It’s made us some money while we were still working fulltime, but it wasn’t much. We wanted a faster way to make money, and have tried several stock trading guides, and systems. Some were ok, some were total rubbish, but when I learned about 100 Trade Jack, and I found out that it’s a system I can blindly follow, I jumped right ahead and tried it. It’s great not having to think of anything while trading. I just do exactly what Jack does. My husband was skeptical at first, but we decided to try it because I seemed perfect for both of us who don’t have any interest in analysis. All 3 trades we placed following Jack’s lead had been very profitable, so we stayed under Jack’s wing. I think we will be sticking to this program for as long as we plan to trade.

I'm satisfied
Gerry Ellenham (from Globe, USA) posted this review on May 5, 2013

I’m a total newbie in stocks. This is the first stock trading service I’ve tried, and I’m satisfied with my results so far. I’m earning money, and I didn’t even have to go through any formal stock trading training or seminar.

My earnings have improved by 68% as of now
Josephin Elridge (from West Forks, USA) posted this review on April 22, 2013

This stock trading website is awesome! My earnings have improved by 32% the first week. By the 2nd week, it’s already up by 68%. I think none other stock trading service or system can help you earn as much as this.

This is the easiest way to trade stocks
posted this review on March 31, 2013

I thought before that trading stocks was too difficult. I almost wanted to give it up. When I learned from a friend that it’s so easy to learn stock trading via 100 Trade Jack, I went ahead and got this. She was right. This is the easiest way to earn money. It’s not all the time though. There are times when you’d be losing but I’ve already had 3 winning months since I began trading with 100 Trade Jack. I earn a few thousand dollars a month from this. Not bad at all!

This is better than attending a stock trading seminar
posted this review on February 3, 2013

I attended a stock trading seminar before, but I didn’t learn much from it. I don’t know if it’s that the seminar was sucky or it’s just the way stock trading seminars go. I spent a lot of money on that and was really disappointed that I didn’t try checking out other stock trading seminars anymore. 100 Trade Jack taught me how to trade stocks profitably just by watching Jack Kanefield do his thing. He’s a stock trading genius and he’s really impressive. If you see the way he trades, you’d think he’s born to do that. I always watch him trade live, and then I watch his explanations after, and that’s taught me so much about stock trading. It’s easy, fun, and exciting. It’s awesome seeing him win so much money. His methods are impressive, while his video explanations make me go ooohh all the time. They’re really clear and almost all of my questions are answered all the time. I also get inspired to learn more and be like him in the future.

You just do what Jack does. How hard can that be?
posted this review on October 29, 2012

I thought it was so hard to learn how to trade stocks, so even if my sister swears that she makes money from it, I never bothered to try learning it. But while searching online for easy earning opportunities, I saw this service. I decided to give it a try, since I’m gonna see the guy, who turns out to be Jack Kanefield, trade live, and I can follow what he does. I thought it was gonna be a no-brainer, so I went ahead and tried it. At first I was kicking myself for impulsively spending almost 70 bucks from it, but I immediately earned that back on the first trade, and I’m now continuously making money from this service. You are really gonna earn money doing exactly what he does, and you will learn too because he explains each and every move he’s making, so you’re not just blindly following, you get to learn in the long run. For now, I’ve better understanding about stocks, but I’m not that confident in my knowledge yet, so I still go and follow what Jack does. I think it’s up to you. Sometimes I try trading demo using what I learned, but Jack’s results are still way better so I still follow his moves

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