2012 Secrets Exposed

by Dr. Dennis F. Bartels, www.2012secretsexposed.com

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Are you worried about what is going to happen in 2012? Are you looking for some truth about what is being predicted for 2012? Or Are you trying to find a survival guide for 2012? If the answer to any of the above is YES.... then read on....

2012 Secrets Exposed by Dr. Dennis F. Bartels will tell the truth you have been searching for. You might have read number of theories like tectonic shifts, increased solar radiations or some planet ‘abc' striking the earth. It will exactly tell you what and how it is going to happen and how you can survive this catastrophy. Here is quick sneak peak of what you will discover inside 2012 Secrets Exposed:

  • Is 21st Dec 2012 end of life or there is life after that
  • Truth about Mayan Long Calendar
  • What is link between 2012 date and bible
  • What does Egyptian, Chinese, Buddhist prophecies predict about the year 2012
  • Do the governments have any information about this catastrophe
  • And lots more

On purchasing the 2012 Secrets Exposed ebook you will also receive several bonuses - 100 page 2012 survival guide, 442 pages long wilderness survival, ebook on lost writing of Nostradamus, 2012 Secrets Exposed ebook audio file, 336 hrs of video concerning various theories about 2012.

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