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by Bo Ekvall, www.partenon.com

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‘2Bucks an Ad’ offer cost-effective advertising in eZines. For as little as $10 you can get your ad delivered to over 160,000 subscribers. Your ads will have to be short and to the point. Each can have a maximum of 7 lines with 55 characters per line.

2Bucks an Ad represent 69 eZines for you to choose from. They are divided into 6 eZine groups (with 11 or 12 eZines in each group). Each group has at least 160,000 subscribers that will have your ad delivered into their mailbox. Because you can post an ad for just $10, you will probably only need to sell 1 product to make a profit ($10 is less than ‘2 Bucks’ per ad, since each ad will run in at least 11 different eZines).

‘2Bucks an Ad’ is a family owned company that has been working in eZine advertising for over 8 years. They are known for their quality and customer service.

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I love "2bucksAnAd."
On-Site Review

It has been pretty consistent that for every dollar I spend, my return is about $10 and sometimes even higher. I spend $40 with "2bucksAnAd" and make $400 or $500!


2$ Per Ad
On-Site Review

My ezine has been listed in one of the groups for several years. Then one day I decided to advertise in one of the other groups and I was simply amazed at how well my ad did. The service I received from all of the ezine owners was fantastic. The service ‘2Bucks an Ad’ provides to advertisers is one of a kind! It’s affordable, yet effective targeted advertising for anyone doing business online. Nothing beats advertising in top-quality ezines for driving loads of targeted traffic to your site and this service is the "best of the best".

Jeff Casmer

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