3 Inches In 3 Weeks

by Phillip D., www.3inchesin3weeks.com

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3 Inches In 3 Weeks is a compilation of the best and most powerful penis enlargement methods. You can choose the one that suits you best. All of them are very easy to implement and will give you incredible results while you enjoy the process at the same time.

3 Inches In 3 Weeks contains following products: Method X, which is the fastest and safest way to increase your penis size; and Ultimate Hands Free, which is a complete multimedia presentation that will show you how to make and use your own hands-free penis enlargement device. You'll get detailed step-by-step instructions you can use to  build a highly effective and completely free device.

In addition, 3 Inches In 3 Weeks includes two bonuses: Start Enlarging Your Penis Right Now - an e-book with G-rated training videos that introduce one of the simplest size-increasing methods ou can perform as part of your everyday bathroom routine; and Penis Enlargement Black Book that introduces advanced techniques for adding length and girth to your penis.

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I have tested this and proven its effectiveness
posted this review on July 25, 2013

3 Inches In 3 Weeks is effective. I have tested it, and my brother has also tried it, and said it was effective. I gained about 4 inches in total doing this for about 2 months. It’s not as fast as promised in my case, but I’ve read a lot of people praising this and saying that they really got more than the promised 3 inches. And that’s not just on this site, but on others as well.

I'm recommending this program to everyone
posted this review on May 24, 2013

Hi this is Todd! I’m recommending this program to you because it helped me a lot. I got 3 inches in a month of doing the exercises. It’s pretty fast because it’s natural and permanent. If this were bodybuilding, It’d take years before I see results, but with this I was surprised I got that much mass in such a short period, and little work. I only do the exercises mornings when I wake up, and that’s all. I allot 10-20 minutes of my time for it depending on how busy I am for the day. It worked, so I think if you have a few minutes to spare for this everyday, you should go ahead and try it too.

This worked better than expected
Mike Red (from Gainesville, USA) posted this review on May 23, 2013

It worked better than expected. I got more than 3 inches in 3 weeks. Almost 4, just a bit more. The exercises have to be done daily if you want result as good as mine.

I get an inch monthly
posted this review on April 28, 2013

This method gives me about an inch every month. I’ve got a total of 4 inches now in my 4 months doing these things. The methods include exercises, some hormone tweakers, natural stuff. I don’t do the exercises every day. I just do them when I have time, and they still work. They’d probably work faster if I’d dedicate some time for them everyday, but at this point, I’m too busy for that. Sex is more enjoyable with my new better and bigger weapon. I can give more pleasure to my wife and I feel more pleasure too. My confidence has also improved. If breasts are the sources of confidence for women, it’s the penis for men, so I guess that’s how it worked for me. People don’t see it but I know it’s there, and I’m like, oh yeah my penis is bigger than yours, and I just feel better about myself.

I got 4 inches
posted this review on April 24, 2013

I suggest they work on their website. It’s really ugly and it’s such a shame because the product itself is great. I’ve wouldn’t have gotten this if it wasn’t recommended in some website for penis enlargement. There are a lot of reviews for the product, I was pushed to buy it. I have grown 4 inches in almost half a year. Not bad. I’ve stopped using the program a month ago and my penis length remained the same. This isn’t something that you have to keep doing. You only need to do it until you achieve your desired length then you can stop. The methods are just a little difficult to slip into a busy schedule. Especially if you barely have time left to bathe in the morning.

The website's ugly but the products the opposite
posted this review on April 5, 2013

The website of 3 Inches In 3 Weeks sucks, and it’s one of the worst websites I’ve ever seen on the internet, but the product is exactly the opposite. The product worked as promised, and I’m now enjoying a longer penis. The girth is so much better too. The techniques are fun, exactly the opposite of the ugly website, and yes I’m giving this a perfect score because it had a perfect effect on me.

This is the only penis enlargement method that's been effective
posted this review on March 31, 2013

3 Inches In 3 Weeks is the most effective penis enlargement method for me. These penis enlargement books on the internet all have different tips on them, and different exercises. I’ve tried two others, but unfortunately, they didn’t work for me. Too bad because they both have a lot of positive reviews. It might vary from person to person, but this is the only one that delivered its promise to me. I did gain 3 inches more when I got started with this penis enlargement method.

It's effective... guaranteed!
posted this review on February 16, 2013

I gotta say this guidebook is super awesome. It’s amazing! Both my partner and I use the program, and we’re both seeing remarkable results. The first week of using the program we already noticed more stamina and higher libido. Well, that can be good or bad depending on the situation, but for us it’s good. We just finished our first month and I grew 3 inches, he grew a little more than 2 inches. I don’t exactly know how that happened because we do the exercises together. I think it also depends on your body. These techniques are natural. I  actually consulted a professional before trying them out, and I was told that they’re ok for anyone. Even those with special health conditions. There are still a lot of good things about this program. I can’t enumerate them all, but the bottomline is that the program works, and it might be your only chance to grow a longer, fatter, healthier penis.

Had to do a lot of penis exercises, but that's fine
posted this review on February 4, 2013

Results vary from person to person, but your penis size will surely improve with this. After downloading this product, I did a short research on the internet about penises, and that’s when I realized that it’s really possible to increase your penis size even after puberty. It’s just like height increase. You need to follow certain methods to do it, though. There are a lot of exercises I needed to do every morning, and I even needed to incorporate some diet changes suggested by the book to tweak hormones and all that. It’s not easy at first, but when you get used to it, it will be a piece of cake. You can also expect to see at least an inch of growth the first month, and then go from there.

You will really see results in 3 weeks
posted this review on January 21, 2013

This worked for me. I’ve seen results in less than 3 weeks, but I needed more length, so I’m now on my second set of 3 weeks. I’m on my fifth week actually, and it seems to be working as good as it did the first time. It requires some work but it’s actually easier than you think it is, and it’s also quite enjoyable to do too. I got my girl to help out like some other commenters mentioned I don’t know if here or another product I was thinking of buying then.

Me and my friends use this
Garry Franes (from Braddock, USA) posted this review on January 16, 2013

Growing a big penis is serious stuff. One of my friends got hernia because of a messed up penis enlargement program he got from the internet. I don’t know if it’s the program or how he used it, but nevertheless, it was nasty. 3 Inches In 3 Weeks is guaranteed safe because me and a couple other friends used it, and it’s been effective and safe for us. I’ve grown about 4 inches now after almost two months of use. I don’t really strain myself with it. I just take it easy.

Well-presented techniques
Lucky Franville (from Carlsbad, USA) posted this review on January 14, 2013

3 Inches In 3 Weeks is a no-nonsense approach to having a longer and larger penis. This has different methods you can follow to achieve the results that you want. Unlike others that keep you glued to a single method. It’s also presented in an entertaining way. You won’t be reading a boring hundred page eBook before you get started. This one is multimedia, which means you will see exactly what you need to do and you won’t get bored while learning. However, the effects vary from person to person, and it also depends on how hard you work on it. Some people get more than 3 inches, while some get less. It all depends on your body and how well you stick to the program. As for me, I followed the tip in one of their videos. I just do it in the bathroom when I shower. I have to get up earlier than I normally do, but it’s worth the results.

This is the only one that i enjoyed doing
posted this review on January 6, 2013

I’ve tried other penis enhancement books and products but this one is the only one I kept using until I saw results because it’s a fun book, a fun read. The techniques aren’t as boring as those in other books. There are a lot of similarities in all penis enhancement methods, but they have minor differences too, and those differences makes some more effective than others. In this case, it’s not just effective, it’s entertaining too. They managed to put that entertaining twist to penis enlargement, so I can keep going at it for as long as I need to. There are also different techniques, so it’s up to you which is going to be the most useful for you. I kind of mix them up a little bit so I don’t get bored. You should just push yourself until you start seeing results. Once you see results, motivation won’t be a problem anymore.

You get a lot of programs in one
posted this review on November 18, 2012

This is great because you get to choose the method that works best for you in a single package. Other books feature only one method each, so if it doesn’t work for you, you have no choice but to buy another one. I was lucky to find this among the many ebooks on the Internet. I’ve tried the different methods on myself, and they all work differently. I’m using Method X now, because based on my 1 week each trial of the methods, it’s the safest and for me, I think it’s got the most permanent results. I’ve been on it for 4 months now, and I’ve gained more than 3 inches. I think the other methods in the book are faster, but I think they’re also a little riskier than Method X, so I’m content with this. This is all in all an awesome book if you want those extra inches without having to spend too much money. It may not be presented and marketed as well as others, but I’m confident that this is better than most.

A whopping 5 inches in a month!
Chad Ludwick (from Valleyford, USA) posted this review on October 20, 2012

I rarely trust books I see online because I don’t get to read samples of it, but I was just desperate to find a way to lengthen my penis so I got this. My buddy successfully found a book that helped him get rid of eczema, so he like urged me to try this and just return it if it doesn’t work. I’m glad I did because the methods in here are safe and free. They do eat up a bit of time everyday, but I’m self-employed so I can really set aside time for this. I got more than 3 inches in 3 weeks. I got 5 inches in a month! At first, you wouldn’t notice anything changing, but as you go along with it, the results just accelerate they really speed up in time. I’ve stoped working on it last month and until now my size remained the same, so I think it’s permanent.

Don't waste money on other programs
posted this review on October 6, 2012

My my my, this is the only penis enlargement method that worked for me. I’ve purchased three so far, this one’s the third. The first two I got are absolutely crap. I’m not sure if it’s alright to purchase their titles here, so I won’t be dropping them. But really guys, they’re useless, so don’t even bother purchasing other penis enlargement products without good reviews. This requires work because it is a safe and natural system. No, you won’t get a magically enlarged penis as you sleep, but if you stick to the program, you will get results. I got more than 3 inches in 3 weeks that’s for sure. Probably about 3 ½ to four inches in three weeks probably because I really set aside some time for it everyday, and I really do as the books says to do. No excuses. So there, if you’re planning to buy a penis enlargement program, get this one right away. Don’t waste money on others.

It's effective but you have to work for it
Darwin Lucero (from Louisville, USA) posted this review on August 11, 2012

You don’t get the results that quickly, but you will get results if you keep at it. For me, I got 2.7 inches in a month and that’s awesome because there are no invasive methods and no pills involved. The instructions are very easy to follow too. At first it was a little awkward, but as you go along you just get used to it and it becomes an ordinary workout video. You gotta do the exercises regularly if you want results but that’s a pretty fair deal for a larger penis right? I just included the exercises to my morning routine and after a week of doing them they became natural for me. They’re pretty enjoyable too when you’re not that busy. I do them twice a day on weekends.

I’d recommend this book for people who are willing to exert effort in achieving the penis size they want they safe and natural way. If you want an instant penis enlargement solution this isn’t what you are looking for.

3 inches in more than a month
posted this review on July 5, 2012

I didn’t get the full 3 inches in 3 weeks as promised. It took me more than a month to get that result, which is not that bad. As long as it’s effective I don’t mind spending a few minutes every day for the exercise. Also, I find the bonuses just as important as the main product. The one thing I don’t like is their website, it’s ugly and it’s got little information on the product. It looks like a cheap software website to me.


I see the changes

This is a very impressive kit. The methods described are really easy to apply, and I think I already see the difference, while only a week passed since I started applying them.


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