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5iphon Extreme is a viral marketing campaign that is meant to work with the free Siphon website you can get from 5iphon.com. It works by helping you build massive lists of potential customers on autopilot. It utilizes the Send 5 software that complements your Siphon website. It also has a system called Siphon Hijack, which shows you exactly how 5iphon.com’s owner, Bryan Winters, makes money online. This feature can be setup in 10 seconds, and you’ll never have to touch it again. With 5iphon Extreme, you will be able to monetize the lists that you build through your free Siphon website.

With 5iphon.com’s free membership, you only get a list of people who might be interested in your products. However, having a list is not enough to bring in money. What you do to the list is the real money-maker. By becoming a 5iphon Extreme member, you will be able to switch on Bryan Winters’ personal Siphon Hijack system, which will be responsible for bringing in the cash.

If you have tried 5iphon.com’s free membership, and have gathered enough subscribers that you can turn to paying customers it is time you take your business up the next level with 5iphon Extreme. On the other hand, if you have not seen the power of 5iphon.com yet, it will be a great idea to try out 5iphon Extreme right away, since you will be able to earn cash instantly as you grow your list. With the amount of money it can generate for you, this website definitely pays for itself.

Price: $40.00 + $20.00/month
You will be charged $40.00 today and then additional $20.00 per month. You can cancel your subscription anytime.
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Worked effectively for my biz
posted this review on April 6, 2014

I was surprised that this worked so well for my online business despite the bad review. I was also disappointed when I was offered something like an upgrade for the service, but I took it because I really wanted a way to get more traffic to my sites. It worked although not as effectively as promised. I did get more traffic and a significant increase in conversions. Since it’s cheaper than other traffic generation methods, I’d still say it’s worth a shot.

Ultra smart way to make money online
Vince Vernel (from Vinton, USA) posted this review on March 24, 2014

5iphon Extreme is a very smart way to make money from the Internet. This is the best email marketing system that I’ve ever come across. I’ve had a lot of email marketing systems in the past that all failed. 5iphon Extreme is the only one that worked. When I got this, I was surprised with the returns. It’s indeed not just a list building method. I suggest heading over to the site and watching their short presentation. I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced to try the program yourself after watching it.

It made list-building so much easier
posted this review on February 10, 2014

5iphon Extreme made it so easy for me to build my list. And this list isn’t just filled with random email addresses, it’s a high-quality list that really converts. This also has a lot of techniques for monetizing lists. I’ve never read these techniques on other websites yet. It might seem a bit expensive at first, especially the $40 initial payment, but it will surely pay for itself within the first few weeks, so it’s a great investment.

siphon hijack review
posted this review on January 10, 2012

This link was given to me 01-10-2012 from a wellknown IM in my email basket. I clicked it relatively fast since the words FREE and NO COST were written all over it.

Once inside there was a script read out loud by a man who was making several mistakes along the way (not very well paid).

At the end of this you then get directed to enter your name and email to get the free connection.

After that screen goes you get another screen with the tool that really makes  the siphon work to it's ultimate peak and that would be the 'siphon hijack'. This tool costs $40 one time fee and $20 a month for as long as you either can pay or will pay.

The traffic you are getting for the most part is going to mean nothing to you unless your providing something for people that have that specific need like oxygen, but wait theres oxygen in the air already, well I guess that wont work.

You see this traffic isn't targeted so because it isn't targeted you sill be getting 100's or maybe1000's of people who aimlessly wondering around the internet each searching for something different. Unless of course you take the chance and suppose that all these people are maybe searching for ways to make money off the internet and that being the case you could try to sell a product in that area.

Any way, as far as I can see it it's another sucker punch from someone who has thought this out as a funnel system for him to get more people on his list.

You could also do surveys on the people you get and find out what it is the majority of them are interested in and sell something in that field.

Sorry, but to me there are far too many other ways to find out what people want and sell things to them that wont cost you $20 a month and go nowhere.

Try a key word search on Google keywords and see whats selling.

Go to clickbank and open an account and find something of interest to you that you could sell then look up how to build a website and build one and put your clickbank affiliate code on it and start from there.

You sill also need to get or write some articles and do some backlinking and do somemore articles and some social networking with twitter, facebook and the like, there is work involved and  quite a bit of it.

If you think that your going to buy a siphon and upgrade to a siphon hijack and for $20 a month your going to quite your day job, I think your not looking at internet marketing very closely because there is either much knowledge to gain and much work to do or there is MUCH money to spend to someone who knows what to do and to pay those who can do it.

Take my advise and research 'how to make money in internet marketing' on the internet and you will see that there are dozens of ways to go about it and there are thousands of sources but beware that out of the thousands there are probably only a couple of handfuls of real sincere individuals who will guide you all the way and do it right.

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