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by Max Sidorov, www.disarmdiabetes.com

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Discover how diabetes can be reversed without drugs, pills, and insulin in 7 Steps To Health by Certified Kinesiologist and Nutrition Specialist Max Sidorov. This guide reveals the scientifically proven methods Max, who is also a world-renowned trainer and health expert, had discovered after collaborating with numerous doctors, nutritionists, and researchers. It teaches in an easy and step-by-step way how the body can heal itself given the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Inside 7 Steps To Health, you will discover new concepts that might contradict everything the so-called gurus and industry experts have told you. It will reveal to you the truth that has helped a lot of patients completely cure their diabetes. With this 286-page guide, you will learn the truth about the diabetes industry, how removing one type of food can lower your risk of getting diabetes and other illnesses, the simple step you can follow to reduce your cravings, and why you need to avoid sugar for your own good. You will also discover how drugs are cleverly marketed to people and how natural remedies are prohibited to be sold off the markets, how emotional stress can lead to more serious illnesses, ways to increase your immune system by adjusting your diet, how to keep your body's PH at a normal level, the vitamin that can cure your infertility, how to overcome the symptoms of ADHD in children, the true dangers of chemicals in the body, and much more.

7 Steps To Health can be a good resource if you're suffering from not just diabetes, but also other health problems like cancer and heart illness. What you will learn from this guide can help you cure your disease, improve your health, and live a better life. Bonus mini guides are in store for you when you purchase this guide.

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This worked for mom's diabetes
posted this review on May 20, 2014

We found out a few months ago that my mom has diabetes. 7 Steps To Health helped a lot in making her feel better without the help of medicines. It’s just now that I believe that natural treatment plans help a lot. My mom used to take insulin shots before, and we thought it was gonna be forever, but with 7 Steps To Health she can now go without insulin most days. We only use it now for emergency situations. I am very happy with all the ideas we got from 7 Steps To Health, so I’m actually promoting it to all websites I know.

My last blood test showed so much improvement
posted this review on September 12, 2013

Since I found out that I have diabetes, my life hasn’t been the same – but in a good way. 7 Steps To Health marked the start of my fight against diabetes. I refused to get into the insulin and medicine phase, so I took control of my blood sugar right away, the most natural way possible. Believe it or not, 7 Steps To Health revealed to me the best way to handle my blood sugar level and feel healthier than ever! I love how the book is simple, yet the methods are very effective. My last blood test showed a lot of improvement, and I’m really happy with it.

Wonderful ebook!
On-Site Review

I've been Diabetic for 9 years now. My doctor's had me on Glucophage which I was taking 3 times a day to stay somewhere between 140 and 175 points all day. After starting with 7 Steps to Health, I noticed that I was able to reduce the Glucophage to 2 times a day and still keep my sugar stabilized below 140 all day. By the end of my first month, I was able to reduce the Glucophage to 1 time per day and stay stable at 109-115. I've been following the 7 Steps to Health for 6 months now and I am stable around 90! My doctor was so impressed that he took me off the Glucophage completely. Every one should know about this wonderful ebook!

Austin, TX

My blood sugar levels stabilized between 120 to 125...
On-Site Review

I have been diabetic for 12 years. A friend of mine recommended that I do something about it or risk dying an early death, so I researched natural ways to beat diabetes and found 7 Steps to Health. I monitor my blood glucose levels very closely and was completely amazed that within 1 month of starting on the 7 Steps to Health, my blood sugar levels stabilized between 120 to 125 without any insulin at all! This far exceeded my expectation.

San Diego, CA

Am totally amazed at the results
On-Site Review

I have totally changed my eating habits as outlined in the 7 Steps to Health and am totally amazed at the results I have gotten, in such a short period of time. My blood sugar has averaged 103 over the past two weeks compared to the 160 I was averaging before. This is far better than I was expecting, particularly so soon. As you can imagine, I am delighted.

Bakersfield, CA

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