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Getting an interview offer for principalship can be nerve-wracking. Your performance and the impression you make in this one time opportunity will have a big impact on your future, so it is important to prepare as much as you can. If you are about to face one of the most important days of your career, you need A+ Principals Interview Edge by Candace Davies. Candace is a Global Career Management Professional, with 8 years of solid experience in helping professionals in the field of education. Her eBook lists down 101 questions, along with potential responses. Reviewing this guide before heading out for your interview will not only give you more knowledge of how interviews go, it will also give you more confidence during the interview itself.

Inside A+ Principals Interview Edge, you will learn how to answer each question thrown at you in an impressive way. You will be able to use open-ended questions to your advantage, by using it as an opportunity to sell yourself. General information, such as the stages of a job interview, first impressions, and follow ups are also discussed in detail. Plus, you will be given complete information on the things that you should avoid during your interview.

Opportunities knock only once, so it is important to nail that interview, or you may never get the chance to have your dream job again. With A+ Principals Interview Edge, you will be able to gain advantage over the competition by having an instant confidence boost, and knowing how the entire interview process goes. Plus, knowing that you have prepared well for your big day will make you feel better about yourself in general.

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The material is informative
posted this review on June 2, 2014

The material is very informative, which is just expected because this is something that’s written for aspiring principals. It was my first time applying as a principal in a public school, and it was difficult for me because I had no idea how the interview goes. This resource helped me a lot in understanding how the application process works, and I’m younger than most applicants. I learned a lot from this guide on how to answer and what the interviewers are looking for. I owe a lot to this because if not for its tips, I wouldn’t have passed the interview.

This really helped a lot
Kyle Higgins (from Pylesville, USA) posted this review on August 11, 2013

A+ Principals Interview Edge really helped me get the position I’ve been dreaming of since I started teaching many years ago. You would think someone who is applying for being a school’s leader should know everything and should have so much confidence, but you’re wrong. I’m just as lost as any other newbie when it comes to becoming a principal, and this guide has definitely helped.

I've encountered a lot of the questions on my interview
posted this review on May 19, 2013

I’ve read the questions and the sample answers from the book, and most of them I’ve encountered during my own interview. Most of the tips are helpful for first-timers too. The book is good. Give it a try.



Three days ago I went to the interview where I faced 6 interviewers… and I wasn’t really nervous because I felt well prepared. I was right, they asked me the questions you had in the e-book and I responded with confidence. They phoned today and guess what --- I GOT THE JOB!

T. P.

As soon as I opened it up, I knew it was money well spent

Reading Candace's e-book is wonderful; I never imagined it would be so detailed and informative. Every page provides information that I didn’t really know before, or at least how to communicate the details. I go for my interview next week and feel really pumped up and ready. It must have taken her so long to create such a comprehensive e-book. As soon as I opened it up, I knew it was money well spent.


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