Adsense Big Website

by Adam Carn

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Score: 8.4/10 (11 votes)


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Adam Carn offers an already made, automated website, filled with high paying Adsense keywords. The website has 6 different sections:

  1. Homepage / Search page
  2. Shopping
  3. Travel
  4. Finance
  5. Cars
  6. Computers

Together with Adsense Website, you receive traffic report that reveals techniques to getting free traffic and instructions on setting up the site.

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Great money for very little work
posted this review on September 10, 2012

This is the business made for busy people like me. I’m always busy with work but I wanted an online business that can run on its own. This is that kind of online business. I’ve read a lot of stories about online business that require even more time than fulltime jobs, but this one is different. Right now, it makes me good money. Not enough to make me quit my day job, but it’s great money, with almost no work involved after I set it up.

Complete business package
posted this review on August 3, 2012

This is an all-in-one business package. You can’t go wrong with this. I couldn’t understand why anyone would sell their biggest moneymaker to competitors. This so cheap for $97 when Adam can sell it for a couple of thousand, since it’s really a great income generator. It paid for itself the first day I setup my business, and it’s continuing to make me good money now. I’ve setup websites like this before but none of them made me this much money. Some of them didn’t make me any money at all. This product has been my key to earning a real living online, and I’m really happy that I found it. It’s made so many changes to my life, and I’m sure it can help more people if they just give it a chance.

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