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by Steven Lin,

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Advanced Asian: Dating Advancement For Asian Men is an e-book written by Steven Lin. In this dating and relationship e-book, the author shares with other Asian men his secrets and tips, as well as the techniques he used to change his dating life for the better.

This comprehensive 100-page e-book will teach you the Advanced Asian method that Steven devised to help you increase your success and luck with women. Inside this e-book, you will learn the common yet wrong beliefs Asian men have about women, tips to have an attractive image, the pick-up line that works, and the qualities that you must possess in order to attract beautiful girls. You will also discover the hot places to meet Asian girls, how to get a woman to sleep with you the same day you meet her, keys to improving your game the shortest time possible, and much more.

The Advanced Asian e-book includes three different plans. If you are shy, never had a girlfriend before, and sort of anti-social, there's the Beginner Plan for you. If you know how to communicate with women but have no idea how to progress emotionally and sexually, there's the Intermediate Plan for you. Finally, the Advanced Challenge plan is for you if you get dates but you want to try same night lays.

Just apply the info you'll learn from Advanced Asian and you'll improve your dating life. Special bonuses also come with this e-book.

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The techniques here really work
posted this review on May 13, 2014

I’ve already dated a couple of hot women using the techniques in this guide. I have a bad English accent and I’m shorter than most Caucasian women, so being able to ask out some of them is a record for most men of my kind. The techniques here sure work and it doesn’t matter how scrawny you look. If I can do this, then all other Asian men can do it too!

This is helpful...
posted this review on September 18, 2013

Being Asian, I think this book is awesome. It says a lot about how Asian men are viewed here in America, and it also says a lot about how Asian women think. As for me, I prefer dating hot Americanas to dating Asian women, just for variety. This book helps me learn more about American women, since I didn’t grow up here. I grew up in Korea where my dad ran his business, and then we got here when I was 12 years old. 8 years after, I still don’t know much about the American culture. With this guide, I learn a lot about American women, and what they want from men. That’s very important for me, so I don’t feel like a loser when in parties. I’ve become more comfortable around women through the help of Advanced Asian.

The best way to look like a cool Asian
posted this review on April 29, 2013

This is the best way for Asians to look cool in an instant. If it worked for me, it will work for you. You don’t even have to be good in English. You just have to look like the coolest Asian they see, and that’s what you learn here.

It's informative book
posted this review on April 7, 2013

Advanced Asian is made to help Asian guys get the appeal white women want. While there are white guys who want Asian women, there are also Asian guys who want white women, and that’s what I am. I’m not ugly Asian just average and this book helped me become more popular with white women near my place. I date white women a lot now, and I don’t seem like a dork anymore.

I'm now more confident around white women
posted this review on April 7, 2013

It’s difficult for Asian men to attract Caucasian women mainly because of their height and cultural differences. I’m an Asian guy who couldn’t get dates for years because Caucasian women think I’m a dork. I only came here for college and I do pretty well in school but I’m sad because I don’t have much friends I don’t have a girlfriend. With the help of Advanced Asian, I was finally able to get a girlfriend. She’s just a simple American girl, but she’s really nice, and she’s not like other Caucasian women who enjoy weird things. She’s an awesome girl. If not for Advanced Asian, I wouldn’t have been able to get the confidence and the courage to ask her out and I’d still be single by now. With the help of this guide, I got to be close to her. I learned more about Caucasians, and now I’m more comfortable around them, not just with women, but all white people in general. One of my greatest points is that I’m very good with speaking and writing English and that helps a lot when making friends with them. The additional info that I learned through Advanced Asian just helps a lot more.

Unique info for the Asian guy
posted this review on April 3, 2013

I am an Asian guy but I grew up here in the United States. My mom married an American guy when I was 10 years old, and we moved to live here permanently. My number 1 problem here in the US is dating. Most women here are taller than me, and their big, while I’m just a short and skinny Asian guy who wears glasses and stutter when I’m around beautiful women. I thought I wasn’t going to have a chance to date those lovely Caucasian ladies. Since I’ve lived here most of my life, my ideal woman has become like that. With the help of Advanced Asian, I’ve learned a lot of ways to tap into the psyche of Caucasian women. I may not be able to attract them with my looks, but since I know how to play with their minds, and I know what they like in men, it’s easier for me to attract them. I’ve a hot white girlfriend now, and even if she’s taller than me and even if there are a lot other better-looking guys who are after her, she’s really attracted to me. That wouldn’t have been possible if not for Advanced Asian.

Has many programs for different needs of Asian men
Anthony Wong (from Los Angeles, USA) posted this review on September 16, 2012

Asian men have a very unique set of beliefs especially when it comes to women. While most of them are helpful, some are just not fit for the modern times anymore. I’m an Asian guy, and  I noticed that I can’t seem to attract men the way other friends do. I thought it could be because I treat women differently than they do. I was doing research on a “pick up” course I was supposed to buy when I found this, and seeing that it’s specifically meant for Asian guys, I bought it right away. That’s been a very good decision because I learned a lot from this book, and I’ve been able to act more comfortably in front of women since I read this, even when around Western women, I do just fine. There are also different program that target different needs, so it’s a lot better than getting a one-size fits all course. I got a girlfriend for the first time in 3 years last month, and we’re still together now. I can’t get any happier than this!


A complete dating guide...

The information that Lin packs into this 100+ page e-book is magnificent. Besides the fact that I really enjoy his writing style, Lin has packed a TON of content in his e-book. This may be called a dating guide for Asians, but I feel that it can benefit anyone. It is a complete dating guide with information from changing your lifestyle to how to have a successful date.


GREAT book!

It actually had a lot of information that I had never thought about before. I am really looking forward to trying out the stuff mentioned in the 30-day plans. Also very interesting are the sections about Asian girls.

Also I really like how Steven writes. It's almost like a novel. It's very well-written and it's also funny in many places. Good stuff. A+ book.

Andrew Kao

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