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Affiliate Elite is a new affiliate tool by Brad Callen. The main thing that the Affiliate Elite will enable you to do is gather data about your competitors (both current and future ones), about products that you’re considering promoting and about other affiliates that are already promoting a certain product.

With Affiliate Elite you’ll be able to find the exact keywords that your competitors are using while promoting a certain product. You can then use this keyword list in your own AdWords campaigns and you can be sure they’ll be making you money in advance.

Another feature of Affiliate Elite will help you gather a list of all the affiliates promoting a chosen product (this works for clickbank, commission junction, and paydotcom). Affiliate Elite will help you access personal information of these affiliates, so you can contact them and talk them into promoting your products instead. While this is a great tool form merchants, it can also be used by affiliates. With the help of Affiliate Elite you’ll be able to spy on these affiliates and see which products they are promoting. If these products are making them money, they are sure to do the same for you.

Trial Offer: $4.95 today + $39.95 (after 30 days)
We are offering you a chance to try out the Affiliate Elite for 30 days for just $4.95. If you like it and decide to keep it, you will be billed additional $39.95 after that time. On the other hand, if you decide that this product is not what you're looking for, simply opt-out before the trial period expires (you can do so via e-mail).
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highly recommend Brad and all his products
posted this review on September 13, 2013

I love Brad’s products because they always do as promised. I have 3 products from him, and I love them all! This is so easy to use for any niche you can think of. I also love the monitoring feature it’s more detailed than others. I just can’t express how much Brad’s software has helped me in running my business. My traffic and conversion have both improved since I started Brad’ products. Not just this one, but some other SEO and internet marketing products he has up on the market. I recommend Brad to everyone who is into Internet marketing. I’m sure his software will save you a lot of trouble!

I let my competitors do the hard work
Donnie Caulkin (from Rayle, USA) posted this review on November 12, 2012

Affiliate Elite saves me a lot of time in setting up my affiliate campaigns. I’ve Brad’s Article Submitter Platinum, and I liked it a lot, so I decided to get it too. Back then, my affiliate marketing business was very small, and it didn’t require much time, but when it started to become difficult to manage, I gave in and checked this out. I trust Brad because we’ve already exchanged a few emails when I was learning to use his Article Submitter software, so I thought I’d just return the product if it doesn’t deliver. The first time I used it my conversions skyrocketed to 150% what I used to get before. Now, my affiliate marketing business is doing better than ever, and I can work less, and still get a lot of income from it. Sometimes, I just work on for 5-7 hours a week, and get a fat paycheck at the end of the month. The key here is letting your competitors do the hard work for you while you relax, and just wait for your earnings.

Helps me work smart not hard on my business
Jon C. (from Harwood, USA) posted this review on September 5, 2012

This has helped me make several great adjustments to my online business. It’s quite difficult dealing with competition if you do not have any idea what you’re doing. I mean a lot of online marketers these days make the mistake of minding their own business. If not for this tool by Brad I wouldn’t have realized how much power competitor analysis has for online businesses, for any kind of business actually. I’m really just glad I decided to try out this tool. I’ve had better keywords since I got this, and I also learn the best products to promote all the time. It’s like using your competitors’ own powers against them. It also cuts down my thinking time, since I don’t have to worry much about coming up with new strategies, new keywords, and new products. I just combine the best ones I get from other online marketers and my business is good to go. For $45 this is really worth the money.

My business is booming!
Tomy Marks (from Sunnyvale, USA) posted this review on July 30, 2012

Competitor analysis is a vital part of Internet marketing. I’m sure everyone knows how saturated the industry is, and how difficult it is for newbies to compete with those who have been in it for years. I got into the IM business quite late, so I had to fight my way through it. It was difficult at first, but then I got Brad’s Affiliate Elite, and it served as my strongest weapon against those who are bigger than me. Through this software, I was able to use their own weaknesses against them, and copy everything they’ve been doing right for years. I found out easily which products are their top moneymakers, and promoted them the same way they do. Since I’m new, and still more energetic with my business, I was able knock them out of the top spots pretty easily. Now my business is booming and I couldn’t have done it without affiliate elite! I am now making my own eBooks, and I’m planning to use this to find people to promote it.


Affiliate Elite review

I’ve just helped a friend launch an ebook in the health and fitness niche, and we used Affiliate Elite to find 1042 affiliates that are already promoting similar products. He contacted them and so far 109 of them have promoted his new ebook.

It would have taken us days of research to find all of those affiliates, but we did it easily in about 3 minutes using Affiliate Elite.

Chris Carpenter

Having been a ClickBank merchant and affiliate...

...for over 7 years, with various products, I know a thing or two about making money with ClickBank. I can honestly say that anyone that uses the Clickbank marketplace and doesn't own Affiliate Elite is at an incredible disadvantage to those that do.

Shawn Pringle

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