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If you have ever surfed the web, there is a 90% chance that your PC is infected with a malicious program like spyware or adware. Signs that your computer is infected include system slowdowns, pop-up windows and homepage hijacks. But what's more...
by E-Digital Zone
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Malicious software programs like Spyware and Adware keep popping everywhere nowadays. You visit a site or install a popular software title and you can easily be infected by these viruses. One way of stopping or removing them is by installing an anti...
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Discover how you can beat the hackers and virus spreaders and keep your computer safe and protected in Spyware Removal Tricks and Advice. This e-book is packed with powerful information that can teach you how to remove and avoid spyware the fast and...
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Anti-Virus Elite 2011 is an advanced software technology that detects, blocks, and removes Spyware, Adware, Trojans, and other viruses dead in their tracks. If you're looking for a tool that can make your PC run like new, then this anti-virus...
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SpyNoMore is an anti-spyware program that will keep your computer and your personal data safe. Its sophisticated scanning feature and automatically updated database won't let any malicious program go undetected. SpyNoMore's unique Custom Fix removes...
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Firewalls protect your computer from dangerous content from the Internet, as well as intrusions to your computer’s privacy. If you want the toughest security you can get for your PC, you need FireWall Pro’s protection. This software...
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These days, the Internet is filled with harmful websites that can cause serious damage to both hardware and software. They can lead to the permanent loss of important files, and deterioration of your computer’s performance. One of the most...
by ParetoLogic
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Spyware, adware, and other computer parasites do not just slow down your computer’s performance, they also put your important information, such as bank and credit card details in danger. If you want to protect your computer from these...