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Astounding Secrets is an e-book that will give you powers that will stun people around you. You will watch people's mouths drop in amazement when they see you melt a spoon with your mind, make small objects float using your psychic powers, lie down nonchalantly on a bed of nails and bounce an egg without breaking it! 

Astounding Secrets will teach you psychic and mystic powers. By using your psychic powers, you'll be able to move a compass by just looking at it, spin a coin and control how it lands, move things with your mind and more. Your mystic powers will enable you to walk barefoot on burning coals, stay buried alive for weeks and emerge unharmed, momentarily stop your heart and other truly unbelievable bodily feats.

In addition to showing you how to develop psychic and mystic powers, you'll learn about fortune telling, hypnosis, tricks with fire, stunts and more. All these amazing tricks and techniques are explained with the help of illustrations so they are easy to master. 


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I made almost 300 dollars!
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When I bet that I could cut a hole in a recipe card big enough to actually step through, the whole party got involved. . . I made almost 300 dollars!

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