Amy Renfrey

Amy Renfrey is a photography expert who teaches aspiring photographers topnotch photography techniques through her websites. She has photographed many subjects ranging from ordinary weddings and baby portraits to big events and famous musicians.

Unlike other professional photographers, Amy did not have formal photography education to back her up. The start of her career was a struggle, and she had to endure dull, lifeless, and seemingly meaningless photos for years. She tried asking other experts in photography for some of their most useful techniques, but none of them were willing to share what they knew. They hogged the secrets to themselves, probably in fear of a new competition. Amy had several humiliating encounters with professional photographers that almost made her want to quit.

However, just before she decided to shelf the idea of becoming a pro photographer, a surprising event happened. She was driving through a beautiful town, when the landscape ushered her into taking some pictures. This time, she tried another technique, absorbing the landscape first then thinking hard about what to do. She started shooting, and got surprised that she accidentally nailed the best shots of her life. After that event, Amy started anew in the world of photography, with much better results this time. She continued on improving her skills, and now her photos already have the jaw-dropping factor professional pictures have.

To help other aspiring photographers learn the secrets that most other pros keep from the rest of the world, Amy released her photography kit, Focus eMagazine. This e-zine features useful photography tips and tricks. Aside from this Amy has two valuable eBooks, Digital Photography Success and Advanced Digital Photography. Amy also maintains a photography blog,, and writes photography articles on different websites regularly.


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Taking photos is an art that can be learned through proper training. These days, it is easy to get your hands on a DSLR camera, but it is difficult to find tutorials that you can learn from quickly. If you want a learning resource from a real photographer and teacher, you need Digital Photography Success from Amy Renfrey. This eBook will teach you how to take brilliant and stunning photos in any...
Focus eMagazine by Amy Renfrey
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Do you enjoy photography but want to learn how to improve the quality of your photos? Then Focus eMagazine is the resource for you. When you subscribe to Focus eMagazine, you will gain access to everything you need to know to create photographic masterpieces with your digital camera. You'll get a new electronic issue of the magazine every month, each filled with 60 pages of techniques for...
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If you're a landscape photography enthusiast, Powerful Landscape Photography by Amy Renfrey is just the e-book you need. You'll learn how to take clear and stunning landscape photos by using just a basic digital camera. Powerful Landscape Photography explains the easy steps you can take to bring power, strong presence and magic to your photographs. You'll learn the lenses and filters that are...
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