Arabella Jolie

Arabella Jolie is a self-confessed white witch. She lives both in the US and Australia, where she practices her magic.

Arabella’s passion is helping others learn how to use magic in their everyday lives. She wants to take the negative thoughts people have when they hear about witchcraft. According to her, white witchcraft is real magic, and it entails working with the powers and energies of the universe to make desires a reality.

Unlike other witches, Arabella does not harm other people. Since she started teaching witchcraft, she made sure that her students followed that rule as well. When teaching, she focuses on helping her students cast spells, and making them understand the essentials before spell casting.

Aside from teaching, Arabella writes online resources for those who cannot be with physically. She has an e-program, Whyte-Witch: Witchcraft's Greatest Secrets, which aims to teach aspiring white witches through eBooks and audio guides. The audios were recorded by Arabella herself, and the eBooks were written by her as well. She also runs her own witchcraft blog,, where beginners can access information for free. She also gives away free spells trough her email subscribers.

These days, Arabella delights in assisting a community of students who love white magic as much as she does. She happily takes care of her Cyber Coven, where members contribute to the growth of each other through their exciting magical journey.


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Underground Guide to Witchcraft's Greatest Secrets is a comprehensive audio witchcraft course, created by a white witch Arabella Jolie. When developing this course she relied on the knowledge of some of the world’s most respected witches, including her mentor – high priestess Serenity. This audio course, from Whyte-Witch’s web site, is divided into 5 segments, which you can...
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