Brad Pilon

Brad Pilon is a fitness and nutrition expert based in the Toronto area. He has 7 years of experience in the nutritional supplement field, which he now uses to write diet resources and articles online. He currently maintains a website,, and a blog, Aside from these, he has written a number of dieting eBooks and programs including Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol, How Much Protein, and Eat Stop Eat. He also co-authored The Adonis Effect with John Barban and Brad Howard.

Brad completed his undergraduate degree in Applied Human Nutrition with honors. He also finished a graduate degree in nutritional sciences shortly before writing Eat Stop Eat. In fact, Eat Stop Eat is a result of a graduate research he did as a requirement for his school, University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada. The focus of the study was the results of short term fasting on weight loss, which explains why Eat Stop Eat promotes it.

When Brad started his professional career in the nutritional supplement industry, he learned a lot more about clinical research management and new product development. He then moved on to being a bodybuilding and fitness expert, helping thousands of people all over the world achieve their fitness goals through the same methods he uses himself.

Through Scott’s knowledge and expertise when it comes to fitness, he has had the chance to travel the world. Some of the countries he has visited so far are China, Germany, Scotland, England, and North America. He has also had the rare opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in his field.

Brad’s ultimate goal as a fitness professional is to find effective nutrition strategies among all of the fads and gimmicks in the industry.


Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon
(22 votes)
Eat Stop Eat is a weight loss program, created by Brad Pilon. He is a nutritionist with several years of experience in the weight loss industry. His weight loss program is based on scientific research of fasting and its effect on human metabolism. The author promises that by combining effects of short periods of fasting and weight training you can expect to see dramatic weight loss results....
The Adonis Effect - The Adonis Index System 3.0 by Brad Pilon & John Barban & Brad Howard
(12 votes)
The Adonis Index System 3.0 (previously known as The Adonis Effect) is an extremely unique guide that will help you get your body in a ‘perfect' shape. What's so unique about it is that it uses the secrets of Greek sculptors and mathematical concepts of golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence to determine what that ‘perfect' shape actually is. The fact is that, according...
How Much Protein by Brad Pilon
(5 votes)
How Much Protein is an e-book that will tell you the truth about the real effect proteins have on your muscles. You'll learn about every lie propagated by the food industry, the supplement industry and the bodybuilding industry.  Author Brad Pilon worked as a protein supplement developer and research scientist. He once believed that consuming proteins leads to rapid muscle development. After...
(12 votes)
Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol is a muscle building program designed to help you grow muscles continuously. According to Brad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat and Anabolic Again, at some point the body stops building muscles. Unlike other workout programs, Anabolic Again fights anabolic slowdown, which is the primary reason why people stop packing on muscles after reaching a certain size....
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