Charles Silverman N.D.

Charles Silverman N.D. has been a Naturalist and Herbalist since 1979. He has authored several eBooks on the subject including the Home Made Medicine, How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally Report, and The Natural Secrets To Remove Warts In 5 Minutes A Day. He has spent most of his life looking for natural remedies and natural products that can help people deal with their allergies and other health issues. He has also gone all over the world to different countries like Canada, France, Germany, Argentina, and Peru to study different kinds of hers and plants.

Aside from his eBook, Charles is well-known on the Internet for the articles on natural health that he regularly publishes online. He writes for different online magazines such as, and gives interviews to different publications and newspapers.

According to Charles, he has seen the unique effects of natural remedies and treatments in his own clinic. He wants to give everyone the opportunity and the ability to heal themselves naturally, without relying on expensive drugs that have harmful side effects. He wants to make a contribution to other people, since he sees how the market has been fed with the belief that every sickness requires pharmaceutical drugs.

Through Charles’ websites, eBooks, and articles, he aims to spread the knowledge he gathered through his 18 years of experience in the field of natural medicine.


Homemade Medicine by Charles Silverman
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Homemade Medicine is a collection of unique home remedy recipes that are guaranteed to work. They're the same recipes that professional holistic practitioners use. You'll find remedies for every illness or condition, whether you have a headache, a cold or something more serious.  You won't have to spend any more money on overpriced medications that will do more harm than good....
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Naturopathic physician Charles Silverman reveals his secret formula for removing warts in The Natural Secrets To Remove Warts In 5 Minutes A Day. With this e-book, you'll discover natural wart remedies you can do at home in just 5 minutes a day. Even better, you won't need any medication or surgery. With The Natural Secrets To Remove Warts In 5 Minutes A Day, you can finally get rid of warts on...
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How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally Report was written by certified naturopathic doctor and herbalist Charles Silverman. This book will teach you the cause of dark under eye circles and how you can eliminate them using a proven home remedy program. With the tips, treatments, and remedies you'll learn inside How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally Report, you can stop wasting money on makeup,...
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