Chris Mechanic

Chris Mechanic is a former hyperhidrosis sufferer and author of How To Stop Excessive Sweating In 14 Days Or Less. He suffered from excessive sweating most of his life, and it affected his social life negatively. In his eBook, he explains the exact method he used to get rid of too much sweating.

Chris was born on the 12 of July, 1984. He spent his childhood in Brooklyn, New York, then their family moved to Columbia Maryland.

At first, Chris was a normal kid. He wasn’t popular, but he had friends to hang out with and he pretty much had a great time. However, when high school and puberty came, he started sweating a lot. His sweating triggers were almost entirely social, so he knew there was something wrong with him.

Soon, other kids in his classes began to notice, and of course, they made fun of it. As he grew older the mocking stopped, but he still felt embarrassed about it, specially when he ends up drenching his shirt with his sweat.

This all changed when Chris’ brother, Josh, brought home a tape recording one day. They listened to the recording together in their dark basement, and after that they felt a bit weird, but surprisingly good.

After that first encounter with hypnosis, Chris knew there was something in it for him. He used it to cure his hyperhidrosis for good, and improve the quality of his life.

These days, Chris is working at a large mutual fund company as a customer service representative. He works on his online projects in the morning, since he works nights in the office. He setup the website Bye Bye Excessive Armpit Sweat, and writes articles about hyperhidrosis, which can be read in several online publications.

Two of his biggest passions are investing and helping other people. In fact, he wants to become a philanthropist one day and help people have access to clean drinking water.


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Do you suffer from excessive sweating, which causes embarrassment, frustration and problems in your social life? If you want to get rid of this problem for good, then How To Stop Excessive Sweating In 14 Days Or Less by Chris Mechanic is a must-have resource for you. Chris Mechanic used to suffer from this problem as well, but he learned how to make the problem go...
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