Debra Elkin

Debra Elkin is a health consultant who has helped thousands of fatty liver sufferers cure their sickness the natural way. She is the writer of the highly-acclaimed fatty liver cure eBook, the Fatty Liver Bible program. This eBook condenses the Ezra protocol, which is a holistic, multidimensional, 5-Step plan for reversing fatty liver disease and obesity. It was developed by Dr. Alfred Pischinger, and implemented by Mr. Jacob Ezra. However, a lot of people are unaware of its effectiveness, so Debra decided to bring it closer to the public.

Debra wasn’t always the healthy woman she is now. Two years before publishing her eBook, she was diagnosed with advanced fatty liver and inflammation, and everyone thought she would not make it, since doctors predicted an upcoming liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. For years, Debra suffered from numerous treatments that never seemed to work. Some of her treatments worked for a short time, only to fail and let her sickness hit her harder than before.

A friend later told her the story of how alternative medicine practitioner, Jacob Ezra was able to heal her sister-in-law who was suffering from the same problem. Jacob became Debra’s salvation, and she was completely healed within 2 months under Jacob’s care.

Now that Debra is a healthy woman, living a fantastic life with her 2 children, and 3 grandchildren, she is giving back to the world by spreading information about fatty liver and the Ezra protocol. According to Debra, she feels great seeing people bounce back from the disease that almost took her life.


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Health coach and former fatty liver sufferer Debra Elkin shares with others her knowledge, experience, and the program that helped her eliminate the disease and regain a healthy life in The Fatty Liver Bible & Ezra Protocol. This 163-page e-book is jam-packed with all the information that you need to heal fatty liver the easy, safe, and natural way. The Fatty Liver Bible & Ezra Protocol e...
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