Dr. George Karanastasis

Unlike other authors of relationship eBooks, Dr. George Karanastasis is not a relationship guru, nor a professional writer. He is a physician by profession, who studied more about the physical body than the emotional side of people. However, Dr. Karanastasis’ experiences with love and relationships taught him a lot about it. His learning came from a painful string of breakups with different women. Through his writing, he wants to help men understand the reasons why women leave their lovers, and what makes them come back.

Just like most men, Dr. Karanastasis had a period of jumping from one relationship to another.  With each breakup, he learned a new lesson. However, it wasn’t until his last breakup that he finally learned much of what he knows about women today. Dr. Karanastasis had a four-year relationship with his girlfriend, and he thought everything was going smoothly, until one day, she just left him out of the blue. He begged and pleaded for her to stay, but she refused. The doctor was a wreck for three days, and all he wanted was to get her back in his life. Lucky for him, he did something surprisingly right in their last conversation, and had her rushing back to his arms in an instant. This is how Dr. Karanastasis started understanding the real way the female mind works, and how they actually think about relationships and breakups.

Dr. George Karanastasis wrote his eBook, How To Get Her Back For Good to help other men who are going through what he went through. The techniques he included in the eBook have worked for him, and he knows that they will also be helpful to others.


How To Get Her Back For Good by Dr. George Karanastasis
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‘How To Get Her Back For Good’ is written by George Karanastasis. In the past, the author went through a string of painful breakups. Then, in his last relationship, everything ‘clicked’. He came to realize why women leave and what makes them come back. He discovered the 5 effective approaches that help you get your girlfriend back. All these approaches are based on one...
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