Francis Ochoco

Francis Ochoco is an online entrepreneur who has been into eBay and info product marketing for a long time. He is the creator of Live eBay Training Videos, which is a collection of tutorials for people who want to get into the eBay business.

Francis got started in Internet marketing through Cory Rudl’s website. Mr. Rudl is among the first people to make millions of dollars through selling online. At first, Francis was skeptical about the business, and his schooling gave him little time to try it out. However, since he was subscribed to Mr. Rudl’s newsletter, he was eventually convinced by the testimonials he read from time to time.

The first business Francis tried was eBay selling. He purchased clothes from wholesale suppliers, then resold them online at retail prices. This business became so successful that he was awarded the first eBay Entrepreneur Of The Year award.

When he felt that he was ready to explore the broader world of Internet marketing, Francis started selling information products. He chose the Internet Marketing niche, since it has always been the hottest niche online, and because he is naturally an entrepreneur.

Now that he is already earning a steady flow of income online, Francis spends most of his time with his son. He values having the chance to live the lifestyle he wants, and he believes that money is not worth it if he has to work too hard and be stressed about projects and deadlines.


Live eBay Training Videos by Francis Ochoco
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Live eBay Training Videos will provide you with a set of video tutorials you can resell on eBay. These are videos that offer training on how to sell on eBay and they're bound to be hot sellers since more and more people are trying to make money by selling on this popular site. The videos will teach sellers how to register an eBay account, register a PayPal account, how to navigate eBay, all...
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