Frank Patrick

Frank Patrick is one of the leading names online when it comes to alternative energy. As a young boy, Frank has always been interested in the powers of nature, and spent hours out of their home observing the nature around him, and marveling at the beauty of the sun, the clouds, and the wind.

As Frank became more aware of the things around him, he developed an inclination towards the power that nature offers us for free. He thought about having the ability to harness these energies for our needs. Some of the alternative energy sources he fancied are wind power, solar power, biodiesel, and ethanol. Frank badly wanted a way to extract these powers without doing any harm to the environment.

Frank later got his hands on every alternative energy resource he could find. He carefully studied each book and read each procedure, until he felt confident about his knowledge on the field. As he investigated, he got even more convinced with his theory that everyone can have the ability to produce their own free energy at home, without damaging nature.

Based on his studies, Frank made plans on harnessing the powers of nature, and even made them public to help others learn it, and do themselves and the environment a huge favor. He wrote the popular eBook, Home Made Power Plant, which teaches his plans step-by-step. He also posts YouTube videos of some of his works to get people started on alternative energy.

Frank hopes that his plans and written works can play a significant role in saving the environment, and helping people get out of the monthly struggle with their electrical bills.


Home Made Power Plant by Frank Patrick; Alternative Energy Researcher
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If you want to cut your electricity bill by as much as 80% and at the same time contribute to a cleaner environment, then Home Made Power Plant may be exactly what you've been looking for. Written by an alternative energy researcher Frank Patrick, Home Made Power Plant is a set of blueprints for building your very own windmill and solar panel. The manual is written in easy-to-understand...
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