Kara Oh

Kara Oh, aka "The Heart Whisperer," has had strange experiences with men all her life. Her father left their home when she was three years old, and she never saw him since. Although some people would think it sad, Kara considered it one of her life’s greatest blessings.

In college, she met the man she married. They had beautiful children, good finances, and a generally great life together. However, things started to fall apart, and Kara had to leave for Miami. During her stay in Miami, Kara thought of moving to Bali where she had a friend who was managing a hotel at that time. Her friend agreed to let her stay for free in exchange for her training service. She trained the hotel’s staff, enabling them to compete with other hotels in the area. Soon, Kara fell in love with Bali, and decided to make it her home. She got some properties, designed a house, and found a new man.

The major problem Kara experienced while she was in Bali was that she needed to go back to the US once every 2 years to renew her visa. That’s when she decided to file for divorce. While dealing with the divorce, Kara started holding workshops for women in Santa Barbara, the first one being “Embracing Our Sensual Selves.” Because of her love for workshops, Kara decided to stay in Santa Barbara for good. She broke up with her 6-year boyfriend from Bali, and met a new man she fell in love with.

Right now, Kara shares with other women the important lessons in life and in love that she learned over the years. She wants women to realize the beauty they have within themselves, and help them love their magnificent selves for who they are. She shoots videos, and writes eBooks and articles in hopes of empowering women of all shapes and sizes from all over the world. Some of her most popular works are Fabulous Feminine Female through the Magic of Feminine Grace, Marriage Made Easy, From Flirting to Forever, and Men Made Easy. She also runs her personal website, karaoh.com.


Men Made Easy by Kara Oh - 'The Heart Whisperer'
(21 votes)
The best way to describe this new relationship book by Kara Oh is to say that ‘Men Made Easy' is a how-to manual for men. It will teach you who men actually are - how they think, how they feel, how they react, and what makes them tick. But more importantly, you'll learn how to ‘operate' this mysterious machine that is a man. Just by familiarizing yourself with the secrets from Men...
Marriage Made Easy by Kara Oh
(19 votes)
Relationship expert and best-selling author Kara Oh reveals a system that struggling couples can follow to bring back the love in their relationship and save their marriage from crumbling. In Marriage Made Easy, the author shares a variety of tips, tools and techniques that have helped her transform her marriage for the better. This e-book, which has versions for both men and women, will teach...
(6 votes)
From Flirting To Forever is an e-book that will teach all of you ladies how to attract the man of your dreams and maintain a long and loving relationship with him. Author Kara Oh is a relationship coach who has written number of e-books on this subject. As she's said in her other books, in order to build a lasting relationship, you need to attract the right man and learn how to keep things...
(4 votes)
How To Win The Woman You Want by Kara Oh is an e-book that will teach you everything there is to know about women so you can attract any woman you want. Written by a woman, this guide will be your roadmap to female psychology. You'll learn exactly what women want, what they are looking for in men and how you should behave to get the woman of your dreams. It doesn't matter how you look or...
Affair Repair by Kara Oh
(4 votes)
Affair Repair: How To Save Your Marriage & Make It Better Than Before is a program and guide by relationship coach and best-selling author Kara Oh. This program was designed to help married couples survive an affair, save their marriage, and make it better than it was before the affair. If you or your spouse had an affair, and you want to stay together and save your marriage, then Affair...
How To Meet And Keep Mr. Right by Kara Oh and Jonathon Aslay
(4 votes)
How To Meet And Keep Mr. Right is a multi-media program created by best-selling author and dating and relationship expert Kara Oh, together with dating coach Jonathon Aslay. If you're sick and tired of dating the wrong men and you wish to meet, attract, and be with the man that's right for you, then this program is for you. The complete How To Meet And Keep Mr. Right program is broken...
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