Lianna Marie Doherty

Lianna Marie Doherty is the author of two successful eBooks, Everything You Really Need To Know About Parkinson's Disease and Making Life With Alzheimer's Easier. These two eBooks tell their family’s real life battles with these two degenerative diseases.

Lianna has always loved writing. Since she started keeping a diary at the age of 10, she has been passionate about writing her thoughts and feelings on paper. Most of her life, she wrote for no one else but herself, but was given the opportunity to be published online.

Her first eBook, Everything You Really Need To Know About Parkinson's Disease tells the story of her mother’s bout with Parkinson’s, and how their family dealt with it. The book was written about five years ago, and was followed shortly by an eBook about her grandpa’s experiences with Alzheimer’s, Making Life With Alzheimer's Easier. She sincerely wishes to help sufferers of these diseases and their families through her honest writings.

Just recently, Lianna was featured in two inspirational books about people who live unique lives. These books are all about dreaming big and living the kind of life they have always wanted. This was such a blessing to her since living life to the fullest is one of her greatest passions.

Aside from being a writer, Lianna is an athlete and an adventurer. She was a competitive swimmer for most of her life, and was into pentathlon for 6 years. By the age of 30, she shifted her interest to triathlon. She is currently training in Victoria, BC, Canada with her coach, Mark Shorter. Whenever possible, she loves traveling all over the world, visiting countries like Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Spain, and the USA. Also, she has set big travel plans for herself in the near future.


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Everything You Really Need To Know About Parkinson's Disease is a must-have resource for anyone who has or is caring for someone with Parkinson's Disease. One of the worst things about a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease is the lack of helpful information about it. It can lead to despair, fear of the unknown and can cause you to make mistakes. That's why you need an e-book like...
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Making Life With Alzheimer's Easier is an e-book that contains valuable information for family, friends, and caregivers of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. This e-book contains tips, advice, and stories of author Lianna Marie and other people who have been affected by Alzheimer's one way or another. If a loved one or someone close to you has Alzheimer's, the Making Life With Alzheimer's...
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