Lisa Howell

Lisa Howell is a professional physical therapist based in Sydney, Australia. She specializes in helping dancers and dance teachers achieve maximum performance without getting injured.  Her medical background combined with her knowledge in ballet makes her methods effective in ensuring that her dancers make great performances without going through pain.

Lisa has been a dancer for most of her life. She danced both Flamenco, Jazz, and Classical ballet before going to college, and was determined to find ways to dance throughout college. Some other dances she has tried are salsa and Latin styles. Also she has had extensive yoga training earlier in her career. She started doing Pilates after several years of being a physiotherapist, and started her business Perfect Form Physiotherapy.

Aside from her personal practice, she is also popular for her multimedia resources. One of her most popular works is The Perfect Pointe, which is an audiovisual course that discusses how ballet dancers can achieve the perfect pointe without sacrificing their bodies.

Now, Lisa works with all kinds of dancers all over the world, including those from classical ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, and a lot more. She also has clients who are gymnasts and ice skaters. Since her specialty is flexibility, her methods and programs are effective for almost all kinds of sports.

Whenever she isn’t dancing or assisting dancers, she enjoys travel and photography, which she is very passionate about.


The Perfect Pointe by Lisa Howell
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The Perfect Pointe by Lisa Howell contains the original 121-page Perfect Pointe ebook and a downloadable audiovisual course that takes you step-by-step through the entire perfect pointe process. You get to learn what muscles in your feet do, why some people find pointe easier than others, how to improve your turnout and get a perfect looking pointe. Regardless if you are just beginning pointe or...
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