Mark Anastasi

Mark Anastasi is an entrepreneur and a public speaker who specializes in fields like wealth creation, marketing, health, and neuro-linguistic programming. He has written a number of eBooks on different subjects and a lot of them have proved useful over the years.

Mark’s mother is French, while his father is half British half Cypriot. He moved to Oxford, England at the age of 18 after spending his growing years in Greece.

Before Mark became the successful entrepreneur he is now, he suffered from poverty and depression. He managed to break free from his condition and became financially free at the age of 25. Now, he has made it his mission to help other people improve their lives and their finances.

Also, he has released a lot of eBooks that deal with different health problems. These eBooks focus on natural remedies, which he believes in better than traditional medicine. Some of his works that are stll available online are Diabetes Miracle Breakthrough, Psoriasis Miracle Breakthrough, Crohn's Breakthrough, The Diverticulitis Miracle Breakthrough, and Kidney Stones Breakthrough

Mark’s career in the self-development industry was inspired by the works of Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and Wayne Dyer. His interest sparked, and back in 2005, he started holding seminars on the subject.

Mark spends his free time skiing, horse riding, rollerblading, windsurfing, scuba diving, playing basketball, and making music with his piano.


(7 votes)
Diabetes Miracles Breakthrough is a guide that will teach you how to naturally stimulate your body to start producing more insulin. The guide focuses on treating the root cause of diabetes - the insufficient functioning of the pancreas (organ that is responsible for insulin production). Diabetes Miracle Breakthrough shows you how to cleanse and restore your pancreas by following the correct diet...
(8 votes)
Psoriasis Miracle Breakthrough brings you a way to naturally and permanently eliminate psoriasis. The book shows you how to attack the root cause of psoriasis - the over-acidity of the body, caused by the modern lifestyle and excess sugars, fats and uric acid that are flowing through our bloodstream. Psoriasis Miracle Breakthrough will teach you how to cleanse from inside and eliminate the excess...
The Diverticulitis Miracle Breakthrough by Mark Anastasi - LifeQuest Education
(18 votes)
By knowing the one main origin of Diverticulitis, Mark Anastasi, producer of The Diverticulitis Miracle Breakthrough reveals that Diverticulitis is a curable condition. This is in contrast to what conventional medicine theorizes. What typical treatments do to counter Diverticulitis is try to eliminate the symptoms and not the real cause. This is going to be a frustrating cycle for sufferers...
Crohn's Breakthrough by Mark Anastasi
(5 votes)
Crohn's disease is characterized by abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, arthritis, and weight loss. Most people who suffer from Crohn’s disease are low on energy and passion, since they are continuously bothered by their disease. There are times when they have to defecate for more than 20 times a day, and still feel bloated and irritable. If you are suffering from these symptoms...
Kidney Stones Breakthrough by Mark Anastasi
(7 votes)
Having kidney stones cause severe abdominal pain, bloody urine, nausea, and vomiting. If left untreated, it can cause more serious damage to the body, and leave the sufferer unproductive. If you are starting to lose hope because of your kidney stones, you need Mark Anastasi’s Kidney Stones Breakthrough. Mark Antasasi is the author of many health books that tackle different health issues. In...
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