Michael Webb

Michael Webb is an expert in relationships, dating, romance, and sex. He is considered one of the world’s most romantic men because of his innovative ways of wooing, seducing, and pleasing women. Some people call him “Mr. Romance,” and is well-known as one of the world’s most famous and most interviewed men when it comes to love and lovemaking.

Michael’s online resources and eBooks cover various topics related to love and relationships, from dating to marriage. Some of his most popular works are his sex guides, 500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets, Blow by Blow, and Lick by Lick. His famous relationship resources, on the other hand, are 1000 Questions for Couples, 100 Secrets of Blissful Relationships, and The Romantic's Guide. He also wrote an eBook on marriage proposal, The Romantic's Guide to Popping the Question.

Aside from his eBooks, Michael runs a website with tons of pages and articles about love and romance. His website, TheRomantic.com, currently reaches more than 20 million visitors every year, and has over 10,000 pages of tips and tricks on different areas of love and relationships.

Because of his extraordinary knowledge on dating and romance, Michael has appeared in more than 500 radio and television shows. Some of his most notable appearances are in Oprah, Men are From Mars/ Women are From Venus, 700 Club, Fox News, and NBC News. He has also been featured in a lot of newspapers and magazines all over the United States including Bridal Guide, Cosmopolitan, Family Circle, and Men’s Health.


500 Lovemaking Tips by Michael Webb
(35 votes)
500 Lovemaking Tips is an e-book, written by a well-known relationship and romance expert, Michael Webb. The book is filled with tips and secrets that will help you spice up your sex life and bring the romance back into your relationship. 500 Lovemaking Tips offers valuable information for women as well as men. In the book you’ll learn: How both partners can be more comfortable in the nude...
300 Creative Dates by Michael Webb
(19 votes)
In the 300 Creative Dates, Michael Webb, the America’s romance expert reveals new and exciting ways to spend time together. Regardless if you’re just going out on a first date or want to bring more fun into long-term relationship, you will find this book a valuable resource. 300 Creative Dates has great suggestions for celebrating special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries...
(41 votes)
100 Great Sex Games For Couples is an e-book that will help you bring more passion and romance into your sex life. The games require little prepping and you’ll probably be able to find all the things you need right in your own home (such as dice, fabric for blindfolds, deck of cards, pen and paper…). The author of 100 Great Sex Games For couples is a well-known romance and...
1000 Questions For Couples by Michael Webb
(29 votes)
The renowned romance expert, Michael Webb, has put together 1.000 of the most important a couple should ask each other. These questions will enable you to know and understand the feelings, thoughts and desires of your partner. You will learn the things you need to know about their past and their thoughts of the future. You will discover what makes them happy and what makes them sad. 1000...
Getting Him Back by Michael Webb
(8 votes)
In Getting Him Back, the renowned relationship counselor, Michael Webb, brings you proven strategy that will help you reunite with your man in 3 simple steps. This 40-page ebook will show you, which mistakes you need to avoid, and what exactly to say and do to get your partner back. You will learn 3 different approaches for getting him back and how to choose which one applies best to your...
(2 votes)
Inside the Romantic's guide to popping the question, you will find proposal stories, tips and ideas that will help you make your proposal an unforgettable, romantic experience. The guide contains all sorts of proposal stories, from inexpensive proposals, elaborate proposals, sentimental proposals, proposals where you hide the ring in unique location, and much more. The Romantic's Guide to...
(10 votes)
50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships brings you proven tips for improving your relationship and reconnecting with your partner. The package includes 2 volumes (50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships and 50 More Secrets of Blissful Relationships), which together contain a total of 148 pages valuable relationship advice. Here’s a short preview of what you will find inside this package: How to...
(13 votes)
Getting Her Back... For Good is a new book from a best-selling author and an expert on romance and relationship Michael Webb. You probably already know who Michael Webb is. But if you don't, he's "The World's Most Romantic Man" (according to Woman's World Magazine), he has been featured on Oprah, 700 Club, Men are From Mars/ Women are From Venus, NBC News, Cosmopolitan,...
Blow by Blow by Michael Webb
(34 votes)
Blow by Blow is an e-book by Michael Webb, a well-respected sex and relationship adviser. It's about one thing all men love to receive: oral sex. Since there's no manual on how to properly execute fellatio to make the experience enjoyable for both men and women, Webb decided to write Blow by Blow. It's written to help all the ladies out there who want to give and get more from oral...
Lick By Lick by Michael Webb
(17 votes)
According to polls, 88% of married women say oral sex is the sexual act they enjoy the most. By contrast, only one-fourth of women regularly achieve orgasm from traditional intercourse. If you want to really satisfy your wife or girlfriend, then get the expertise you need from the e-book Lick By Lick.  Lick By Lick by Michael Webb will help make sex more enjoyable for both of you. This book...
Sex All Around the House by Michael Webb
(5 votes)
Sex All Around The House is a book written by "The World's Most Romantic Man," Michael Webb, the author of a number of books and articles that have helped people from all over the world spice up their sex lives and become more confident in bed. Sex All Around The House will show you 154 household items you can use to add some fire to your lovemaking.  The problem that many couples...
The Relationship Collection by Michael Webb
(7 votes)
Relationship expert and best-selling author Michael Webb compiles all his powerful e-books on relationships and love into The Relationship Collection. With this collection, couples will discover the magic formula for a happy, blissful and romantic relationship. Keeping a relationship strong and healthy is a big challenge, but with the help of these 16 best-selling e-books, couples will learn how...
The Virtuoso Lover by Michael Webb
(4 votes)
The Virtuoso Lover is a collection of 3 e-books for all of you men who want your women to quiver with pleasure during sex. You'll learn what to do to have a sexual experience more intense than ever before. The e-books were written by one of the world's foremost love experts, Michael Webb. He compiled all the information he learned from years of experience and the feedback...
Dirty Talk Secrets by Michael Webb
(4 votes)
If you want to spice up your sex life, then talking dirty is a great way to do it. If you want to learn the art of talking dirty, then Michael Webb's Dirty Talk Secrets is just the e-book you need. Webb has helped hundreds of couples improve their relationships and strengthen their relationships, and his e-book will help you as well. Dirty Talk Secrets will teach you everything there is to know...
(14 votes)
500 Intimate Questions For Couples is an e-book especially made for those who want to improve their relationship, deepen their love for their lovers, and increase their sex drive. This relationship e-book comes from Michael Webb, one of the world's most prominent and trusted relationship experts. According to the author, the key to a great relationship is communication. That is why he has...
Better Way to Date Program by Michael Webb
(7 votes)
According to studies, dating plays a major role on how well your married life will go. People who suck at dating usually marry the wrong person, and end up getting their lives ruined or getting a divorce. If you want to learn dating properly in preparation for your future, you need Better Way to Date Program by best-selling author, Michael Webb. Michael has observed relationships for a long time...
Stroke by Stroke by Michael Webb
(7 votes)
Believe it or not 82% of men prefer awesome hand jobs to blow jobs. If you want to learn how to please your man through this sensual art, you need Stroke by Stroke by Michael Webb. Michael is a highly-respect lovemaking expert, and he has worked with almost a hundred thousand men to come up with this eBook. In this eBook, you will learn hand job techniques that will surely make your man pick your...
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