Mike Brescia

Mike Brescia is a practical and humble success coach that takes pride in solid action strategies in helping his clients achieve success. He teaches people in using positive affirmations to benefit their lives, because like most people, Mike had his share of years being a loser.

According to Mike, during his younger days, he lived in a van and his life was filled with failure. He badly wanted change in his life, so he kept on reading different motivational books. Just like what most people experience, he got ripped off by the resources he bought online, and was left with even more financial troubles. This is when Mike realized that reading eBooks does not change lives, it is taking action that crates the different.

When Mike finally snapped out of his addiction on crappy self-help eBooks, he started working on a self-help program that will actually help solve people’s problems. Mike used three popular self-improvement methods into effective audio programs that contribute to personal growth.

Mike is now the CEO of Think Right Now International, which is an empowering website that helps thousands of people improve the quality of their lives. He also has a number of online resources, including Think Right Now, that change people from within, causing permanent improvements in the long run.

To help more people all over the world, Mike runs a free e-zine, Today Is Your Day to Win! The e-zine contains practical information and exercises on achieving success. This is currently read by 130,000 people in over 60 countries.

Mike is happy seeing the success of his online resources and his practice as a success coach. Through his works, he is able to realize her dream of lifting people up from their troubled lives that are full of negativity.


ThinkRightNow by Mike Brescia
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ThinkRightNow is a set of programs that can help you improve any area of your life by changing the way you think, feel and act. These programs work by identifying your unsupportive beliefs and thoughts and replacing them with new, successful ones. The ThinkRightNow programs use a famous accelerated learning method, which is based on 3 steps: releasing old thoughts and beliefs, installing new...
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