Patrick Lecky

Patrick Lecky is a type 2 diabetic who was dependent on insulin for 10 years. During this time he endured the pain of pins and needles in his feet, severe headache, painful kidneys, dim eyesight, and excessive weight he put on because of his condition. He ballooned to 300 pounds while on medication. Those days, whenever his headache goes really bad, he’d lie down for hours until his glucose gets better.

The most painful part of Patrick’s bout with diabetes was when his doctor told him that there wasn’t much modern medicine could do for him. The doctor explained that only the symptoms can be alleviated with insulin shots, exercise, and laser surgery for the eyes.

The revelation angered Patrick, so he decided to do his own research about the disease. He discovered primal foods and other natural remedies to diabetes, which surprisingly worked for him. He lost about 119 pounds instantly, even if he was exercising less than before. The stabbing of pins and needles also ceased, and his head and kidneys have stopped hurting. He has also become so much more energetic, and the quality of his life greatly improves.

To help other people who have his disease, he started with The Diabetic Warrior, which is an 8-page newsletter about his discoveries. It features the very cure Patrick used on himself, and every information included is well-researched and proven effective. After that, he compiled 7 of his best issues into an eBook, How to Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN. This eBook serves the same quality of information as his newsletter, but in a format that is a lot easier to read.


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Patrick Lecky suffered for years from Type 2 diabetes. His condition was getting worse, and doctors could do nothing except prescribe more medications. He lived with insulin injections for 10 years until he decided to do his own research. He contacted dozens of therapists, nutritionists, and alternative physicians. He read specialized books, magazines, and newspapers and managed to start to live...
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