Steve Fearson

Steve Fearson started out in the magic industry back in the 90’s, when he was about 21 years old. He earned a lot of first place awards during his career, and is among the few magicians who have won first place for both the SAM and IBM competitions. In the SAM competition, he was given a silver medal – an honor only given to a few select magicians. The gold medal, in fact, has never been awarded to anyone.

Steve had his own close up magic television show in Japan entitled “Mr. Creator.” It was filmed by NHK and was on air for quite some time, until more and more television appearances and live performances flooded Steve’s career. However, Steve soon decided to retire from the performing scene.

Steve has a lot of tricks under his name that have been used by other magicians for their own performances. He created the Fearson’s Floating Cigarette, which had been used by David Blaine to float a leaf on television. He has also made a lot other levitation tricks that have been imitated by other magicians.

Among all of his creations, Steve is most popular for The Laser, which is the same as what David Copperfield performed in his live tour., where he got cut in half with no cover of any form.

Online, Steve continued innovating magic-related products and services. He established the first pay for download magic shop,, and created resources that aspiring magicians can use in perfecting their craft. Today, has been endorsed by David Copperfield, and has been mentioned in the Howard Stern Show.


Goodbye Vanish Illusion by Steve Fearson
(9 votes)
If you want to vanish and then re-appear instantaneously, try Steve Fearson's Goodbye Vanish Illusion magic trick. This magic trick can be performed anywhere and does not require any props. Apart from the Goodbye Vanish Illusion, you will also learn Metamorphosis and Poltergeist. Metamorphosis is a magic trick in which you create the illusion of transforming yourself into someone else without...
Floating Cigarette by Steve Fearson
(5 votes)
Floating Cigarette is a modern-day magic trick developed by Steve Fearson. In this trick, Steve Fearson shows a cigarette sticking to his finger and tongue. He floats the cigarette from one hand to another and then passes it through ring formed by his fingers to show that there is no external support. You might have seen David Blaine, the star of the movie "Street Magic," levitating a...
Easy Float Levitation by Steve Fearson
(4 votes)
Easy Float Levitation is a magic trick in which Steve Fearson shows you how to lift a single card above a pack of cards, float it there for some time, and then bring back to its original position. To prove it that there were no threads, wire, or magnets attached to the floating card, you can pass your hand or another card under the floating card.
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