Steve Lindhorst

Steve Lindhorst is an Internet Sales Instructor based in San Jose, California. He has been in the industry since 2002, and is considered an expert in both eBay and Amazon selling.

Steve started out as a printer before the rise of computers. When his business failed, he went to  California to work temporarily for eBay. He became a regular employee after 3 months, and worked there for almost 2 years. The role he had with eBay was Advertising Operations Manager, and he handled trafficking eBay banner ads. However, changes to the company required him to take on another role.

eBay hired Steve to teach at eBay University on the national level. From being a regular employee, he was became a contractor, which did not make him too happy. Along with five other instructors, they taught the ins and outs of eBay to small sellers.

Not long after becoming an eBay teacher, he was asked by the company to be the only instructor of eBay Motors. This was not a problem, since Steve was naturally into cars, most specially vintage ones. As part of his new role, he was invited to speak for tradeshow events like eBay Live in different states.

When eBay started outsourcing to the Education Specialist program, though, Steve had less work with them. This pushed Steve to try his hands on more generalized ecommerce consulting. He, after all, enjoys educating small sellers, since he is one himself.

After becoming a general ecommerce consultant, Steve released his eBook, Selling On The River, which teaches eBay entrepreneurs how to boost their income by tapping into the power of Amazon as well. He also created the Niche Book, which teaches budding entrepreneurs how to pick the right niche for their business, and Showroom Secrets for those who want to sell on eBay motors. Aside from these, he maintains his personal blog, and writes newsletters and articles about ecommerce.


The Niche Book by Steve Lindhorst
(6 votes)
The Niche Book by Steve Lindhorst is an all-in-one resource for building a unique and profitable online business. It will show you how to find a vacant niche in any market and how to turn that niche into a profitable venture. You will learn how to build a web site around your niche, how to advertise it and how to build a specific affiliate web site. The Niche Book doesn't give you a list of...
Selling On The River by Steve Lindhorst
(12 votes)
Amazon is a popular online marketplace for all types of goods. It's known as "The River" and it's one of eBay's biggest rivals. You can sell just about any kind of products on Amazon, and one of the best parts is you're not subjected to the same restrictive selling policies that eBay imposes. If you're interested in switching over to "The River," then...
Showroom Secrets by Steve Lindhorst
(10 votes)
Showroom Secrets is an e-book that will teach you how to turn a handsome profit using eBay Motors. You won't have to sell a thing - you'll be creating listings for dealerships looking to sell their cars on eBay Motors. You won't get rich overnight, but it will give you a good, stable income while working only 10 to 15 hours a week. In order to be successful in this endeavor, you need...
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