Vince Del Monte

Vince Del Monte is a fitness expert specializing in helping hard gainers develop muscular bodies. He was nicknamed the Skinny Guy Savior for his remarkable jobs in transforming the bodies and the lives of thin and wimpy looking boys and girls. His style is also amusing, since he makes an effort to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Vince’s methods in muscle building came from his personal experience as a skinny guy. When he was young, he was nicknamed “Skinny Vinny,” and the name haunted her until college. At that time he was about 140-150 pounds at 6 feet tall.

Just like any other guy, Vince wanted to develop the strong, muscular body that is ideal for a man as tall as him. He did everything he could to pack on muscles, but never got past 149 lbs. to compensate for his lack in weight, he got into running, and became a competitive long distance runner for quite some time.

Because of his interest in fitness and nutrition, Vince studied kinesiology in the University of Western Ohio. After earning his degree, he worked with a coach who advised him to stop following fitness magazines and to throw away his useless supplements. Through the help of this mentor, Vince was able to achieve his weight goals.

Now that he has everything he wants from his body and his life, he wants to help thousands of skinny guys and girls create new lives by having more confidence in their bodies. He helps them in all aspects of fitness including motivation and confidence. His aim is to transform their entire lifestyles into healthier and more muscle-friendly ones.

Aside from his training work, he writes various resources online on muscle building. Some of his most popular works to date are 21 Day Fast Mass Building, No Nonsense Muscle Building, and Metabolic Ab Shredder. He also maintains a website where clients and fans can keep track of his programs.


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonte
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No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program was created by Vince DelMonte, a professional fitness coach and a contributor to Men's Fitness Magazine. The purpose of this program is to give you the most straightforward method for gaining muscle mass as quickly and as easily as possible. Author of this manual, Vince DelMonte, who was a former runner, went from 149 pound weakling to 190 pounds of rock-...
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The Empowered Nutrition Done-For-You Fast Fat Loss Meal Plan System is a comprehensive weight management system comprised of various manuals, guides, workbooks, and a body fat calculator. This complete system details solutions that are designed to help you lose pounds of stubborn fat by eating the right foods in the proper amounts at the right times. Vince DelMonte's three-phase weight loss...
21 Day Fast Mass Building by Vince Del Monte And Lee Hayward
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21 Day Fast Mass Building is a multi-media program created by model/trainer Vince Del Monte and trainer/bodybuilder Lee Hayward that shows you how you can gain up to 20 pounds of pure muscle in just 21 days. This program reveals that one important strategy natural bodybuilders use to get leaner and more muscular. With the 21 Day Fast Mass Building program, you don't need to take insulin and...
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