Bake a Dog a Bone: Turning Your Passion For Pets Into a Six-Figure Income

by Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram,

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Score: 8.8/10 ( 37 votes)

Bake a Dog a Bone is a step-by-step business guide that will show you how to turn your passion for pets into a six-figure income. It comes from the hands of two pet businesses professional: Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram. They will teach you how to bake pet treats that will make you the most profit, online and offline marketing strategies and ways you can approach other pet professional in your area to expand your marketing reach.

In short, Bake a Dog a Bone reveals all the insider tips and techniques behind the successful pet bakery business. Here’s a sneak preview of the guide:

  • Best pet treats to bake and sell,
  • The rules of effective pet business customer service,
  • Ways to test your marketing strategy and plans,
  • Which ingredients are the ones you should choose for your treats and which you need to avoid at all costs,
  • How to optimize your order tracking system,
  • How to avoid the number one mistake made by beginners in pet bakery business,
  • And more…
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It's a little misleading but good for beginners
posted this review on March 6, 2014

I understand why a lot of people are leaving good ratings for this product because technically, it’s a good info product. It’s better than most. The only concern I have with this product is that it promises too much and it can get a lot of people disappointed. As someone who’s been in the dog bone business for quite some time, I bought this thinking that I’d get a lot of new tips and tricks to boost my business. I was, however disappointed with the information I got because of them I’ve already learned through years of experience. There are no tips and tricks here that will really help you expand your business. These are just tips and tricks to get started if you don’t have the business yet, and some basic marketing tips and tricks. I learned a few additional strategies here, but I think I paid too much for information I already know. They should market the product more realistically to avoid disappointing their customers.

Aside from that concern, the guide is good. It will be very helpful to those who are just getting started with the dog bone business. If I had this when I was just getting started, I could have saved a lot of time, effort, and money!

This guide is really good
posted this review on June 22, 2013

Dog bone baking started out as a hobby for me. I have 3 dogs, and my sister has 2. On weekends we get together to bake dog bones. When I lost my job, I was thinking of a business to run, and this came to me as a really good idea. I got the guide right away, and started working on the business. The guide is really good. It’s well-explained and it kept me motivated. I got it going with a really small starting capital. I think that capital is definitely smaller than what I would need if I started a different business, like a clothing shop or something like that. Most importantly, I like what I’m doing now. I’ve been baking dog bones for almost a year now and I still enjoy it the same way I did when my sister and I was just learning it. There are a lot of new recipes to try from time to time, and I love it when fellow dog lovers praise my dog bones.

I learned everything from this, baking tips to marketing strateg
Nicole Every (from Oxford Junction, USA) posted this review on May 20, 2013

I earn close to 2,000 bucks a week jut baking dog bones. I’m already supplying a pet store near the area. The tips here helped me a lot, but I think if not for my own courage approaching the owner and asking if he could carry my product, I wouldn’t be reaping the rewards now. To give you an idea, I didn’t even have any idea on how to make dog bones when I got this book. I learned everything from this from ingredients to marketing and other ideas. All I had when I got this was an oven from my mom. She wanted me to learn to bake pastries but that’s too mainstream for me so I got into this cooler way to earn from baking.

It's so easy to get started
Maria Clark (from Maryneal, USA) posted this review on April 29, 2013

I love baking, so when a doggie daycare opened near my place, I saw that as an opportunity. I now supply baked dog goodies there, dog bone and other treats I’ve learned to bake. I also sell them to the owners who drop by to pick up their dogs. There are so many dog goodies that are fun to bake, and it’s great seeing the owners get excited to buy treats for their pets. I’m not a die-hard dog fan, but I also have a dog at home, and I love him a lot too. I kinda have a soft spot for dogs too. Oh, and my dog’s trainer is one of my most loyal clients now. He always buys dog treats from me in bulk! This kind of business is very easy to start especially if you have the right connections, like dog-lover neighbors, or pet shop owners, or in my case, a doggie daycare within the area.

I really enjoy baking dog bones
posted this review on April 5, 2013

Baking dog bones is fun, so even if I’m not really earning much from it I still do it. I’m not taking the business aspect seriously here. It’s more of a make money from your hobby sort of thing. Honestly, I’d do this for free because I’m a dog lover and I love baking too, but it doesn’t hurt to earn some cash on the side while enjoying your passion. Love the book too because this is where I learned how to bake a dog bone properly. I was using a video tutorial on YouTube before, but didn’t learn much from it. This book turned me into a dog bone expert!

It's a good way to earn some extra cash
posted this review on February 24, 2013

Baking dog bones is a fun way to make money. My daughter and I bake on weekends, and we sell them the whole week. We earn good money from this business. In fact, my daughter has already bought a new phone with the share I give her. This book will teach you everything you need to do to get the business started. It’s the easiest way to learn, so you won’t have to keep searching the internet for info.

Easy to understand and follow
posted this review on February 22, 2013

It’s a great business idea if you’re looking for an enjoyable one. This isn’t as high or quick earning as other businesses, but with patience of course it’s possible to earn a six figure income. The book is complete with dog bone recipes and instructions on how to setup your business. It’s something that’s really easy to understand and follow.

It's an awesome business opportunity
posted this review on February 18, 2013

This is a good business opportunity you shouldn’t pass up if you love dogs or baking, or both. I love taking care of dogs, and I originally just wanted to learn how to bake dog bones to give them treats every weekend. With Bake a Dog a Bone: Turning Your Passion For Pets Into a Six-Figure Income, I’m now earning money from my hobby. It’s a very profitable business and it’s easy to market because few people bake homemade dog bone. With all the news of contaminated dog food and other dog goodies, a lot of dog owners are turning o homemade treats for their dogs. This is the perfect time to get started with this business. I hope you try it too and I wish you luck!

It's fun baking dog bones!
posted this review on January 6, 2013

It’s fun baking dog bones, and it’s more fun earning money from it! I started baking treats last year, and now it’s a good source of income for me. It’s nice earning money doing something you love. I also get the kids to help out with our little business. We’re helping daddy earn money while helping our neighbors give treats to their doggies! It’s a fun business. I really enjoy running it!

Business has been great because of this guide!
posted this review on December 16, 2012

Bake a Dog a Bone: Turning Your Passion For Pets Into a Six-Figure Income is very detailed so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience in business yet. I started out with my dog bone business with nothing but the interest in dogs. I never expected my business to grow this big. I was browsing the internet one days and I found this. Since I’m a dog lover, I tried baking a few dog bones for my labs and they liked them. I saw that it could be a profitable business and I started calling my neighbors if they’d like to try my dog bones. A lot of them bought from me, and since then I’ve made it my business. I learned a lot about marketing from the book, and managing the business, and pricing, and a lot more. Now, I’m already supplying my homemade dog bone to some pet shops. I’ve also hired a neighbor as an assistant, and business is going really great now. This is the first time in years that I’ve experienced this much financial freedom. If not for Bake a Dog a Bone, I’d probably still be broke by now.

My business is doing great now!
Selena Pad (from Towanda, usa) posted this review on December 4, 2012

I’m not really earning that big from my dog bone business yet, but I just want to leave this comment here to tell you guys that the baking ideas here and the business tips are really good. I’m not getting paid, nor sponsored to leave this sweet message here, I just thought there will be others looking for a resource like this, and I want them to know that this is exactly what they are looking for. I’ve been researching a lot for something that can get me started on a business related to dogs because I love dogs so much. I wanted to start a dog food business at first, but the capital needed is too big for me. It’s great that I found this book. I tried baking dog bones based on the recipe here, and it’s so much better than the one I previously had. The business tips really helped me too when I was offering my dog bone to other people. Now I’m already following the marketing strategy here to scale up my income. I’m earning good money from this now, although it isn’t a 6-figure income yet. I feel that it won’t be long till my business gets that big!

It's a great source of income and friends
posted this review on November 29, 2012

I’m now earning money baking dog bones on weekends. It started out with just my neighbors and friends buying some from me, and then I was surprised when strangers started dropping in to try my dog bone. I already have quite a lot of returning clients, some of them have become my friends. It’s great meeting a lot of dog lovers. We share stories, and sometimes we take walks with our dogs together. Some of them I’ve taught how to bake their own dog bone but they still prefer buying from me. I think it’s a good thing that I also love baking. Anyway, if you want to get started in this fun business, Bake a Dog a Bone is a good place to start.

Great resource... so easy to follow!
Rosie Martens (from Yatesboro, USA) posted this review on October 27, 2012

I’ve always loved baking, and I love dogs too! Bake a dog bone brings two of my biggest hobbies together. I love the instructions in the book as they’re extremely easy to follow. At first, I wanted to bake only for my dogs, but since there are business instructions in the book too, I thought, why not make some extra money from this. It’s surely gonna sell because I’ve a lot of friends who have dogs too. After that word spread about my cheap baked dog goodies and I’m getting a lot of special requests now. Some friends want their dog treats customized and I’ve learned to do that through this book too. I’m now expanding my business using the marketing strategies featured in the book as well. Their also very easy even if you don’t have any experience in running and marketing a business before. It’s great really! Try this book. I’m sure you won’t miss your $30!

Easy and fun way to make money
posted this review on August 15, 2012

I’ve a lot of neighbors who love dogs, and as I’m pregnant, and needed a way to make money from home, I made use of this book to start a business. I personally don’t own any dogs as I was too busy to bother with a pet before, and now I’m about to be a mom, so it’s not possible anymore, but seeing that this has so much potential to make me some easy money, I went for it. It’s a great deal all in all as I learned much about baking doggie treats from here, and also learned how to run a business from it. The book is complete, and clear, very well-written and informative. I didn’t have to do any other research aside from reading this book. It’s a nice and easy way to make money, and I recommend it to everyone.

Helpful info for dog lovers
Mary (from Springfield, USA) posted this review on July 9, 2012

I’m a dog lover. I’ve three pooches at home, and there are more on the way. I love giving them treats like they’re my own children. Baking dog treats has been my hobby since I started training them. I used to bake them as rewards, but then I quit training them, and I just give them treats whenever I feel like it.

This book taught me how to monetize my hobby, and I’m now earning good money from it. it’s still not six figure as I do not want to be too busy with it. I just bake whenever I feel like it, and earn whenever I need to. Although it sure is possible to earn 6 figures and more from this business.


Best resource

This is by far the very best step-by-step resource guide out there and at a price that anyone looking to get into this huge market can afford. It has shown me the quickest and most profitable path to pet industry success. Answers all your questions clearly, nothing is left out.

Ken Kerr
La Jolla, CA

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