Bearded Dragon Secret Manual

by Chris Johnson,

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If you are a bearded dragon owner, Bearded Dragon Secret Manual is a must-have. This complete guide on caring for your unique pet discusses the most probable mistakes you are making that might be torturing your pet. According to author, Chris Johnson, a large percentage of bearded dragon owners do not know that they are giving their beloved pets difficult lives. In his eBook, he discusses these deadly mistakes, and what to do to avoid them.

In Bearded Dragon Secret Manual, you will learn how to properly take care of your beardies without spending too much money. Chris Johnson has been a bearded dragon owner for 10 years, so he knows quite a bunch of workarounds in taking care of this pet. After reading Bearded Dragon Secret Manual, you will never have to pay in full for their food, equipment, and health care.

For those who are just starting out with beardies, Bearded Dragon Secret Manual has simple lessons on the different varieties of bearded dragons, how to buy bearded dragons, and how to tell whether your pet is a male or a female. Aside from these, the manual discusses the signs you should look out for to be sure that your little dragon is healthy.

Bearded dragons are special creatures that need special care. Although they do not crave attention like dogs, they should still be taken care the proper way for them to live long and happy lives under your care. Surely, your beardie will thank you for getting a copy of Bearded Dragon Secret Manual.

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My beardies are now ready for breeding
Dale Greeson (from Surry, USA) posted this review on June 30, 2014

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual completely changed my mind about beardies. Before, I thought they were just simple creatures that you can feed and expect to live long and happy lives. The truth is that reptilian pets have special needs too, and that’s what I learned from this course. I knew everything I needed to learn about beardies, and I’m really happy that I did because now I have 3 beardies at home and they’re healthy and ready for breeding.

Great tips!
posted this review on February 24, 2014

My bearded dragon got sick 2 weeks ago and I was really nervous. Good thing I got this and I figured out that it wasn’t comfortable in its tank. I followed the tank preparation tips and tricks in this guide, and now my beardie is healthier. I should have followed the preparation tips here long ago. Would have saved myself a lot of trouble.

Very practical manual
posted this review on February 22, 2014

I got my first bearded dragon from a friend almost 3 weeks ago. I had no idea what to do with it and I was really scared that it would die. This is my first time to get a pet because I just had my own place and before my mom freaked out at the idea of having a four-legged creature in our house. Bearded Dragon Secret Manual has only practical tips on taking care of dragons. I learned a lot of things from here and I think it’s worth it. Nothing special or fancy, just mainly practical tips and tricks.

The cage setup and feeding instructions are great
posted this review on May 27, 2013

I noticed that my bearded dragon was losing appetite, and was barely moving. I was scared it would die. When I read this book, I found out that I was feeding the poor thing the wrong kinds of food, and that the cage I put it in wasn’t very comfortable. These are naturally wild animals, and they got a lot of special preferences when it comes to habitat and food. I’ve overhauled my beardie’s home, and I’ve also made sure that he’s getting the right nutrition. Right now, my beardie’s doing great! He’s more lively and he doesn’t pant like he’s dying when I tough him. He also eats a lot! I think the new diet and the new cage really did it. He looks like a different birdie now, not the one that almost died under my care.

It's a regular instructional manual for beginners
posted this review on April 7, 2013

This “secret manual” for taking care of bearded dragons is just a regular instructional material for taking care of them. It’s made for newbies and there are no secrets in here whatsoever. I do like though, that it’s go all the information needed if you’re gonna take care of beardies for the first time. You’ll learn a lot from this from feeding to breeding. It’s a great book in general, but not for people who already know a lot about beardies. There are no new techniques from this at all.

It's really gonna be helpful for new beadie owners
posted this review on March 29, 2013

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual is a must-read for new beardie owners like myself. I’ve only been taking care of bearded dragons for 3 months. I got two. One was supposed to be my brother’s but he couldn’t take care of it so he left it with me. I noticed that they weren’t as healthy or as tamed as the beardies I see on YouTube, so I did a bit of research and got this book as well. I learned a lot from this book that I didn’t learn from other articles on the internet. One of them, the one I got from my brother, used to nip at my fingers when I touch him, but now, not anymore. Also, they’re obviously healthier now that I know the right way to feed them, and how to make sure that they’re happy in their habitat. It’s definitely much easier to take care of beardies than of cats and dogs, but they also got some special needs that we need to keep in mind. I will be working on breeding next.

Learned a lot of new things from this
W. Cain (from Chula Vista, USA) posted this review on February 2, 2013

I learned a lotta new stuff from Bearded Dragon Secret Manual. I’ve been caring for dragons for almost a year, and one my dragons got sick, so I did a quick research online but most of the articles I read were contradicting so I finally made up my mind to go for a paid guide. This guide helped me determine what the problem was right away, and in a few days, my dragon was doing fine again. I also learned how to properly care for my dragons and get them ready for breeding. I’ve 3 dragons now 2 females and a male, so I think I will get into breeding soon. I highly recommend reading this book first before thinking about caring for dragons. They have special needs too, and if you don’t provide them, you’d just end up wasting your money and effort on them.

I didn't know I wasn't taking good care of my beardie =(
posted this review on November 15, 2012

Beardies are exciting pets to have if you’re making sure that they’re comfortable in the environment you put them in. If they’re not happy with their condition, of course they’re gonna get scared of you, and you won’t be able to enjoy your pet. I learned that the hard way. I wondered before why my beardies won’t let them pet me, and then one of them died, and I realized I must be doing something wrong. So I got this book, and yep, I realized that I was doing a lot of things wrong! Now my beardie and I have a really close relationship and I couldn’t be any happier.


Saved Me An Expensive Trip To The Vet

My bearded dragon, we call him Jasper, was not eating well... I was on the verge of sending him to the vet, which would mean a few hundred bucks out at least. As a last ditch attempt I bought Chris’ book, and in a few days Jasper was eating normally again!

Kenneth Roberts,
Queensland Australia

My Beardie Has Become Such Fun Overnight!

Previously my beardie would run from me whenever I tried to pick it up from its cage. Now using Chris’ technique of tricking it... my beardie has become such fun to handle and so obedient overnight. Of course, it is also eating and resting well. Nothing makes an owner happier!

Matthew Lee

Chris' Checklists Are A God Sent

The checklists Chris included with his book are a god sent for ANY bearded dragon owner. I was driving myself crazy and so nervous about my pet beardie... always worrying about whether she had enough to eat... always fretting over her... His checklist put an end to that. At least now I know I’m doing the right things.

Elizabeth Sanders,
Orlando Florida

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