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Become a Blogger Premium is a video tutorial package that walks you through the entire process of successful blogging. The videos are short (15 minutes) and outline a step-by-step plan you need to follow to set up and make money from your own blog (after you view each video, it will take you about an hour to implement it). Become a Blogger Premium videos come in 9 modules:

  1. Setting up your blog
  2. Optimizing your blog for free (search engine) traffic
  3. Using images
  4. Adding Audio
  5. Using online video
  6. Writing and adding powerful content
  7. Creating multiple streams of traffic to your blog (forum marketing, blog comments, article marketing, PPC, ...)
  8. X-factor strategies (using social network sites to grow your blog)
  9. How to make money from your blog

All in all, Become a Blogger Premium is a complete video course that will take you from an aspiring blogger to having your own money-making blog. After you pay the membership fee, you get access to the general content of the Become a Blogger website and weekly training lessons via e-mail.

All Become a Blogger members also have access to the exclusive member-only forum and teleconferences, where you can share your experiences witth other blogging enthusiasts and ask whatever question you might have.

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I'm really happy with this
posted this review on September 21, 2014

I am now officially a blogger! Become a blogger has been more than helpful to me. I have learned a lot from this guide. I was completely new in the blogging industry when I learned about become a blogger. I can write well, but setting up a blog, formatting it, and making sure it looks presentable were the biggest challenges for me. I’ve always wanted to let more people know about my love for cats and to encourage more people to show love for these beautiful creatures! I am happy with this, and I truly hope that this new journey can help me with my advocacy. Become a blogger will be a huge part of my success when that happens.

No other course taught me as well as this did
Lily Frost (from Elgin, USA) posted this review on July 21, 2014

Become A Blogger has helped me penetrate the world of blogging. I am a makeup guru, and I used to hold seminars only around my place. I’d have some women gathered for makeup workshops and teach them different techniques. Some of my girlies here told me that I should setup a blog, and that would probably help me extend my reach to other places. They trust what I can do, so they wanted me to explore the world of makeup some more. Become a Blogger has helped so much in doing that. I now have so many people inquiring about my services and my workshops through my blog! This has helped me step up my career and I will forever be grateful!

Took me from being a total beginner to an advanced blogger
posted this review on July 3, 2014

Become a Blogger is my first step to being a blogger. I love going to spas and restaurants and reviewing them. I used to just post reviews on other blogs and websites because I had no idea how to setup my own blog. And setting up a blog is just the first step. Marketing the blog and attracting traffic are also so difficult. One of the blogs I was guesting for recommended Become a Blogger to me because it’s filled with everything I need to know to be a real blogger. It has everything from setting up the blog to attracting enough traffic. The most important part here is the part on gathering traffic. I learned how to easily get people to my website without spending too much time and money. It’s so easy that I really got hooked to blogging. I also learned how to make my content more powerful. Usually, it’s not enough that you can write well and that you know what you’re talking about. You also have to know how to make your writing sell online, and that’s exactly what I learned from Become a Blogger. It’s amazing how this took me from an absolute beginner to a professional blogger. I am now making money from my simple reviews. I get some cash doing only the things that I love to do, and it’s fantastic.

One of the few high-quality courses online
Cleo Morando (from Nelson, USA) posted this review on May 7, 2014

I’ve recently gotten into a road trip, and I thought of blogging my experiences while on the road, and also to give advice to others who want to try the same thing. Thanks to technology, it’s now very easy to blog while on the road. This has been very helpful for me. I learned so much about how to start a blog and how to run it. I highly recommend this course to total beginners in blogging. It’s hard to find something like this, and I’m lucky enough to have found one.

Very basic, yet professionally presented
posted this review on March 3, 2014

This is just a basic blogging course that might disappoint those who already have blogs. If you are a bit on the technical side, you can learn most of this alone. However, if you are a total beginner and you don’t think tinkering with a website until you figure it out is your thing, then getting this should be a good idea. It is well-presented and it’s not cheap-looking at all. Despite the simplicity of the lessons, they managed to make it look more professional than it is. The blog monetizing chapter here is also very basic and it’s not enough if you really want to make your blog a business. You’d still have to think of other techniques and options. What I do like about this however is that it will help keep a lot of people safe from scams on the Internet. The basic guide, with the help of a bit of common sense, should be enough to help users determine scam systems and real moneymaking opportunities. As for the use of social media for blog promotion, it’s a little bit lacking, IMO. This course, again, offered a basic overview, but it did not explore all possibilities and it did not share enough for users to be able to unleash the power of social media sites. I’d still recommend this to some people, particularly those who have 0 knowledge in blogging. But those who want to have more advanced blogging knowledge should look elsewhere.

This gave me back my freedom!
posted this review on January 26, 2014

I’ve finally quit my job as a marketing assistant and I’m now earning money from blogging. I owe a lot to Become a Blogger because if not for this, I wouldn’t have the courage to take this bold step. I’m not earning as much as I used too but that’s ok because I have more freedom with this.

It's a really good way to learn blogging
posted this review on September 14, 2013

My daughter suggested blogging to me shortly after she left for college. I am alone in the house most days, so I need something to keep me occupied. I’ve always loved scrapbooking, so my daughter thought it will be a good idea to get into the modern kind of scrapbooking, which is blogging. I worked hard to learn the ins and outs of blogging, but my daughter helped me through Facebook, and I also became a premium member of this website where I learned most of what I know now. I got my blog setup very easily and quickly. Right now I enjoy writing a lot on my blog even if I’m not sure if people actually read it or they just comment and pretend they’ve read it. Hahahaha! This keeps me occupied for the bulk of the day, so I don’t think about being alone too much. It also gives my relatives from other states a ton of fun reading my posts!

This is a really good blogging course
posted this review on August 1, 2013

I’ve been a blogger for 7 years. I had to learn everything on my own when I was getting started. It was just a cooking blog then, but now, I’m also blogging for profit. I didn’t learn using Become a Blogger, but I’ve checked the course out, and I’d say that it’s great! It’s got everything a budding blogger should learn, and it’s also got a lot of tips and tricks on monetizing your blog. One look at the website, and I’m sure you’ll be surprised to try this course. It’s very professionally made, not just in looks but also how the lessons are presented. If you are not convinced in trying this out yet, I urge you to visit their website and see for yourself what they’ve got in store for you. For me, blogging has been one of my major life-changers, so I’m really encouraging others to try it, and to start with a good course such as this one.

Awesome blogging course
posted this review on May 20, 2013

I’m a freelance makeup artist and I recently found out that having my own blog can help with my career. I learned how to setup a blog through this course. I learned how to choose the right domain name, how to choose my hosting, how to research, how to figure out good topics to write about, a bit of SEO, and some writing tips. I’m still practicing when it comes to technical stuff, but it’s great seeing my blog come up when I search for certain makeup products. I’ve also monetized it a bit even if it’s not my main reason for setting it up. It works kinda like an online portfolio for me, and I get direct requests to do makeup from the website as well.

This is the only course I needed to learn blogging
posted this review on April 21, 2013

Become a Blogger is an all-in-one resource that will help you learn everything you need to know about blogging, from the most basic ones to the most advanced ones. You can also learn here how to monetize your blog in so many different ways. If you wanna go from an ordinary blogger to a blogging entrepreneur, this is something you’ll benefit from. There are so many new things to learn on the website. From my experience, this is the only course I needed from when I was setting up my blog until now that I’m already a fulltime blogger, earning money from advertisements and paid posts on my blogs. I got 6 blogs at the moment and they’re all earning good.

I love how it made everything so simple
posted this review on April 10, 2013

I found this paid to blog website on the internet, and I’m not a bad writer, so I thought I can earn from blogging. I’m a stay-at-home mom. I’ve been so for 5 years now, and I badly wanted something to do because my baby is already going to school. Become a Blogger helped me a lot in getting started with this blogging thing. It does start from the very basics. It’s made for the absolute beginner when it comes to blogging. I was scared of messing with this at first, so when I learned how easy it is, I ended up laughing at myself. Become a Blogger makes the process really simple. I started with this from the very first lesson, which is blog setup, and from then on, I learned everything from this and it’s a very enjoyable task. I’ve also learned about blog promotion, so now I have more uses for my blog. It’s now fully monetized and the money I’m making from here is really helping the family a lot.

The instructions are very easy to follow
posted this review on January 11, 2013

I recently started my journey of losing weight the healthy way, and my trainer in the gym suggested that I start a blog. He said a lot of women in the gym do the same thing, and we can support each other through there. I had to work with Become a Blogger because I don’t have any idea how blogging works! I’m not that good at computers and the internet. The only thing I could do in here was to check my facebook. When I started the course here, I realized how fun blogging can be. I setup my own blog right away. At first it was just a simple online journal for me, but when people started commenting, and leaving me words of praise and encouragement, I worked harder on driving traffic to it. It is now attracting, not just ordinary people, but advertisers. I earn enough money from it to cover my gym expenses! The techniques I learned from Become a Blogger really helped me a lot!

I learned in just a day
Marissa Rowles (from Ypsilanti, USA) posted this review on October 21, 2012

I was diagnosed with MDD almost a year ago and my therapist suggested blogging as one of my therapeutic activities. I chose to blog about fashion because it’s one of my greatest passions. However, when I got started with my blog, I figured out it was too complicated for me. I already got some photos and write-ups prepared, so I couldn’t accept that the technicalities can get in the way. I immediately researched for a good blogging walkthrough and found this mentioned in several forums I joined, so I got it. It’s really good! It deserves all the praises it gets from other bloggers. I’ve setup my blog in just a day because of this tutorial. That’s how quickly you can get started using this.


I highly recommend

This is really an exceptional series of videos. I’ve seen all ten in this series and there is not a clinker in the bunch. Coming in I had questions about RSS and Feedburner, not really sure what they were or how they worked. Not any more. I highly recommend this series.


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