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Being A Happy Teen is a great resource for parents, school staff and teenagers. It is a comprehensive guide that helps teenagers understand themselves and get through the tumultuous teen years. It's written by an award-winning self-help expert and is an international best-seller.

Being A Happy Teen answers the questions that teenagers have about everything ranging from dealing with friends and family to feeling good about themselves. There are 12 chapters that address many other issues as well, including getting ready for the future, what "normal" means and dealing with disappointments. 

The book offers realistic advice with a touch of humor so it's interesting for anyone to read. Author Andrew Matthews has written a number of books on attitude, success and prosperity. He's helped millions of people be happier and more successful and can help the teens in your life do the same.

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It's not sappy so I like it
posted this review on February 17, 2014

I like this book because it discusses a lot of truths about teenage life. I’m not one of the popular kids in school so teenage life isn’t that rocking for me. But I do have some friends and I don’t get bullied, so I still feel luckier than most students my age. Being a Happy Teen has a lot of interesting insights about being a teenager, and how to survive it. I’ve always been an old soul and I prefer reading books to other hobbies that some other teenagers enjoy. This book is among my favorites. There’s nothing too unique with the way that it’s written, but it’s a happy book and I prefer it over sappy ones that have the same message. There is a part here that discusses disappointments and I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Matthews on his views here. My teenage life is riddled with disappointments, with my friends and with the boys I’m dating. Sometimes, I feel like it’s the end ob the world. But this book has taught me to look at the bigger picture and to consider the path ahead of me, and that this stage isn’t going to last. I sometimes feel that being a teenager is not for me. I’m really glad I’m not gonna be young forever and all of this will be over soon.

Great content
Bernie Talbot (from Ibapah, USA) posted this review on February 17, 2014

I got a print copy of this book before for my son but he lost it and now my daughter is already in the teenage stage, and I wanted her to get a chance to read this book too so I looked in the bookstore but couldn’t find one. I had to settle for this online product then I just printed it out and had it bound. I still prefer the print copy because it’s more presentable, but as for the content, they have the same, so it’s not a problem. I like this book because it’s presented in an enjoyable way. It’s really something that teens will read. My son wasn’t into reading but he finished the book I gave him before. It’s important for parents to try as hard as possible to nurture a child’s interest in reading and to make sure that they understand themselves while they’re in the tough teenage years.

I'm glad that I got this for our little big girl
Dahlia Booner (from New Boston, USA) posted this review on January 12, 2014

Books like this one should be readily available for our teenagers. My sister called me up one day and told me that her daughter is being so difficult. She’s 14 and she’s expected to start wanting to be cool, wanting to fit in, and start forgetting about her roots as well. My sister was quite rebellious when she was young, so I thought she’d understand her daughter. But no, as a grownup, my sister was still rebellious, and she wouldn’t bend to her daughter. It was like a battle for both of them. I thought of giving Being a Happy Teen and 2 other teenage books to my niece because she listens to me more than she listens to her mom. I think it’s because she thinks I’m cool. I’m single and can party on weekends, unlike her mom who’s stuck at home taking care of 3 kids. So when I gave her the books, she thought they were cool, and now my sister talks about how she quotes phrases from those books particularly from this one. It’s not enough to fix her entirely, but at least she has some sort of a guide to follow when she’s feeling down and lost, and when her hormones are taking their turn for the worst. I think it’s good to have this one, and at least one book that will tell her about hormones and how they can make her feel and act like a bitch at times. I think that helped me niece.

One of my fave books to give to teenagers
posted this review on October 2, 2013

I see a lot of teenagers struggling without getting any support from their elders. I was like that 8 years ago, and that was the time when “EMO” was popular, and I ended up cutting. Now, I give Being a Happy Teen and some other inspirational books to teenagers who need help. It’s better to nip their confusion in the bud before it starts destroying their lives. I think I’ve already saved a few kids from ending up with the same fate I had when I was younger.

It does help make me feel lighter
Ellie Roxas (from Wallaceton, USA) posted this review on March 30, 2013

I’ve read Being a Happy Teen twice and it never fails to inspire me. My aunt gave me a copy of this because she said I’m beginning to show signs of confusion. It’s not entirely true, but it’s true that I find being a teenager a little difficult. I’ve always been the smart one in school, but as you grow up it’s like you just want to be one of the popular kids, and being smart and doing well in classes doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. I was beginning to think that way, so they usually see me down. Being a Happy Teen helped me recover pride in the role I play as a teenager. I think I enjoy being the teacher’s pet now even if I can’t be in the football team. I’ve also learned how to enjoy the company of people who really want me to be their friend.

The book helped me a lot in dealing with insecurities
Hannah Talwart (from Wallaceton, USA) posted this review on March 25, 2013

My godmother gave me a copy of Being a Happy Teen. It was printed and bound, and I really liked it. I did a search on the internet to find out where she got it because I wanted to give copies to my friends too, and I was led to this website. I just want to share that Being a Happy Teen really touched my life, and it taught me what to expect while being a teenager, and how to face the difficulties. The biggest thing this taught me is how to face the insecurities. It’s taught me that even if I’m not as pretty as other girls in class, I’ve got my brains and my attitude that people like about me.

It's a fun and inspiring book for teens
G. Illard (from Conowingo, USA) posted this review on March 16, 2013

I’ve read Being a Happy Teen, and it’s something I’d be happy to give to my teenage loved ones. It’s a good book that’s full of inspiration, and it can really help clear the minds of confused youngsters.

It's exactly what teens need
posted this review on February 24, 2013

Being a teenager is no doubt difficult. Your child or your loved ones need all the help he or she can get. The teenage years usually build the foundation for a person. Andrew Matthews think that happiness during the teenager years can easily be found if they know where and how to look for it. That’s what he shares in his book. His book is very inspiring and motivational. I’m no longer a teenager. I graduated from that 4 years ago, but this is still something I enjoyed reading. I gave a printed copy to my sister, and another one to her best friend. They enjoyed reading the book too. Instead of exposing them to magazines like Seventeen that are only going to make them feel ugly or inadequate, try exposing them to books like this. Andrew is a great way to start them out on these books because he really presents everything in a fun way. Something that won’t bore teens.

Love this book!
posted this review on January 9, 2013

I love Being a Happy Teen! I’m 15 and I’m unlike most other kids my age. I love studying, but I’m also not a loser. I make sure I do well in school, and then I attend hip hop dance classes after. Being A Happy Teen taught me how to keep balance in my life, and how not to let these pimples take away all the fun of being a teenager. It sure is a good read!

I've asked my students to read the book
Lenie Rattue (from Meadville, USA) posted this review on November 2, 2012

I think this book, along with TLC from the parent/parents, can help any teenager deal with the changes that come with adolescence. I’ve read this before and I even asked my students to read the book and review it. Most of them like it. The book is a realistic explanation of the world in a way that can be understood by teenagers. It’s honest, yet the facts are stated in a way that doesn’t scare, and even inspire. I’ve always loved books like this as a teenager, myself, so now that I’m working closely with other teens, I’m always on the lookout for books I can recommend for them to read, and this is one of the few that I recommend. Of course, teens can all be different from one another, so you’d need to assess your own little adult if something like this will work for them.

A great gift idea this Christmas
posted this review on November 1, 2012

This is a perfect gift idea if you got teenage sons, daughters, nieces, or nephews. I’ve read this before giving it to my daughter. It’s inspiring, yet real. It’s not like other books that are overly cheesy and helpful that they lead teens into false beliefs. This one gives them a clear look at how it really is to be a teenager, and what they can do about the realities of life, and the things that they cannot avoid.

It’s something you can give to all teens, not just to troubled ones. It will surely help them deal with whatever changes they are going through, both physically and emotionally. I’m sure you understand how difficult it can be to be a teenager, especially in the modern times. The book will teach them how to protect themselves from bullying, insecurities, and peer pressure.

Two thumbs up for this book!
posted this review on October 7, 2012

Being a fan of Andrew  Matthews, I got this book for my daughter’s 16th birthday. I was a troubled teen before, so I perfectly understand what she’s going through right now. I think as elders, it’s our responsibility to make sure that our children are getting as much help as they need to get through this tough time. My daughter naturally loves reading, so giving her a bound copy of this book is really a good idea. She read it right away, and gave me comments. I know how interested she is in the book because she talks about it enthusiastically. I am happy that Andrew wrote a book specifically for teens. I’m sure this book will enlighten a lot of youngers and give that that much needed support until they gain a better understanding of the world and what goes on around them. Two thumbs up for this book!

Youngsters need this!
Rowena Rampling (from Hoboken, USA) posted this review on September 3, 2012

This is a perfect gift if you have a teenager at home. Whether or not your youngster is showing signs of difficulties dealing with their age, they need a guide such as this one. All teenagers go through very tough times of decision making and weird feelings they haven’t felt before, so it’s important to give them a little boost before it’s too late. They will never ask for your help, so you’d need to do it for them yourself. This book I have read, and I recommend it to all parents with teenagers in the home. They need this and they will want it once they open the pages. They might not tell you about how it helps, but it will. It’s gonna make the struggle lighter for them, and they will learn how to cope with feelings and situations they’ve never encountered before. I gave away printed copies of this to my 2 nephews and 3 nieces, and they never said anything, but I’m sure they read it.

Helped my daughter deal with her issues
R Grayson (from Baltimore, USA) posted this review on July 29, 2012

My daughter has always been a good girl, so her father and I never had problems with her. However, when she got into high school, I noticed that she has become more quiet than usual. She stopped telling us stories about school, and she started spending more time alone in her room. I wanted to talk to her about it but my husband said it could be just normal teenage stuff, and that talking to her might make her think that problem was bigger than it was. When I was searching the net one day, I saw this book by Andrew Matthews, and bought it right away. I read it first to make sure it will be good for my daughter, and since I found it an entertaining and inspiring read, I gave it to her. She was delighted to receive it, and she said it was very interesting. She said she never knew a book could make her feel so much better about herself. She also started opening up to me and her dad. She said that she had problems with self-esteem because she is the biggest girl in their group. She also told us that she already asked her friends to stop teasing her about her height because it affects her confidence, and that they agreed and everything’s going great in school now!


This book should be a permanent fixture in all school libraries

Being A Happy Teen is a must read. This book should be a permanent fixture in all school libraries for students and staff. Easy to read, easy to understand with just the right amount of humour!


one of the best self-help books around

Being a Happy Teen has had a really big impact on my life. I have read it from cover to cover many times. It is one of the best self-help books around - even better than a therapist. It deals with complicated issues in a simple way and with such humour.

Emily Tong,
Sydney, Australia

it has helped my parents to understand me better

This book has helped me to find peace and solutions to my problems – and it has helped my parents to understand me better.

Vitomir Stanek,

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