Betta Fish Secrets

by Mike Worthington,

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One of the most popular fish to own is the Betta splendens. Bettas are colorful fish that can beautify any tank, but they require special care.

Mike Worthington's e-book Betta Fish Secrets tells you everything you need to know about properly caring for your Bettas. One of the most important things to remember is that Bettas get stressed very easily, and that can lead to health problems. 

Betta Fish Secrets has plenty of advice about keeping your fish stress-free. It's also full of helpful information on their containment settings, their food and diet and their spawning process. Any Betta lover will find this book a comprehensive, must-have resource.

Your purchase of Betta Fish Secrets comes with a free mega bonus package worth $197.00. The package contains a lot more information on caring for Bettas.

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I love my bettas!
posted this review on September 11, 2012

I got betta fish before and put them in my tank thinking that they will be able to adapt well like my other fishes, but I was wrong about that. Two weeks after putting them in, I noticed how unhealthy they have become, and that they’re not thriving in that tank the way other fishes were. I immediately took them out (I got 3 of them), put them in separate glasses, and hoped for the best. When I didn’t see them getting any better, I got this book and checked out proper betta fish care. I learned a lot and I was able to help all three of my newest pets recover. Now, I enjoy taking care of betta fish more than any other kind of fish. They are so beautiful and they’re unique too. Thanks to this book my first 3 bettas survived. I’ve no plans of breeding them, but at the moment, I have 7 bettas I’m taking really good care of.

I'm teaching my son responsible pet ownership through this book
Daryl U. (from Provo, USA) posted this review on August 6, 2012

I didn’t know it was complicated to take care of betta fish. I bought some for my son, but soon after I transferred them to the tank, one of them died. My son was really disappointed, and my wife told me to give away the remaining two instead of just letting them die in front of my son. I’m lucky I found this book. It’s taught me a lot about caring for betta fish, and how different they are from other fishes. It’s not true that you can just throw them in a tank and hope for the best. Each kind of fish has special needs and you gotta know them if you don’t want them to die. My son’s remaining fish are now alive and healthy. I taught my son everything I discovered from this book to help him learn about responsible pet ownership.

The Betta’s are more colorful than ever
On-Site Review

The ebook is a great source! After following the steps in the book, they look more colorful than ever and their health has improved.

Using your maintenance tips really save hours of work each week.

Jamie C.
Manchester UK

The ebook has many answers to so many questions
On-Site Review

The book “Betta Fish Secrets” is the best resource for the care of Betta fish as well as for breeding purposes.

It has answered many puzzling questions and the tips on further breeding are sure to help.

Steve F.
San Diego, CA

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