Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers

by Marcus Song,

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Score: 8.6/10 ( 22 votes)

Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers (the newest version of Betta Lover's Guide) will help you to have a long-lived, healthy and happy betta fish, without spending a lot of money. In his e-book, Marcus Song gathered knowledge from renowned betta experts and his own personal experience of breeding and keeping betta fish. In the Caring For Betta Fish, you will learn:

  • The ideal water temperature in betta's tank
  • How to avoid the building-up of amonia
  • What you can do so your bettas live in harmony with other sorts of fish in the tank
  • The best foods and treats for betta fish
  • When is the best time of day to feed your betta
  • How to maximize the life expectancy of your betta
  • Things you must do prior to bringing home a betta fish
  • How to socialize a betta fish
  • The safe way of preventing bettas from jumping out of their tank
  • The solutions to most common problems that your betta fish might experience (the troubleshooting part of the guide)
  • And more...

Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers used to be known as Betta Lover's Guide.

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Excellent resource for first-time betta owners
posted this review on September 21, 2014

I’ve been a fish lover for years. I got my first betta 2 months ago, and I was scratching my head on what to do with it because I couldn’t mix it with my other fishes in the tank. I almost thought it would die. I also had no idea on how to feed it. I heard that in some parts of the world, they call this the fighting fish, and they make them fight to death or something. Like cockfighting. It’s that unique. I got this guide off a Google search, and I have to say that it really helped me a lot. I learned about the fish a lot, even more than I needed to learn. The book is well-written with a lot of examples and almost all of the situations I had in mind were discussed. It’s an excellent resource for all first-time betta owners. I’d definitely recommend this.

My son's very happy with his healthy fishy
posted this review on July 21, 2014

I found Caring For Betta Fish on a forum of betta enthusiasts. My son recently got 3 and two of them died because we didn’t know how to care for them the right way. With the help of this guide, I got to save the remaining one. We are buying another two to take the place of those that died. My son is really happy that he has a healthy betta fish swimming in the tank now.

I love this!
Carol Craver (from Bainbridge, USA) posted this review on February 17, 2014

I’m glad I checked this resource out before getting started with betta fish. These are living things so it’s important to make sure that they’re comfortable with the environment, the food, and everything that you give them. It’s not that easy because bettas are not like other fish. They have a different set of preference, so you can’t really say that you’re a betta expert just because you’re a fish expert. This has got so much information, but some of them you can probably get for free from other websites. This will just save you so much time because you won’t have to research anymore.

It's very informational and it answered a lot of my questions
posted this review on July 24, 2013

Caring for betta fish has become so much easier with this guide. I am not that good at any kind of pet care, but one time I saw a pet store, and saw this beautiful fish, I couldn’t resist it. I just had to get one. Just like other animals betta fish have their own preferences, stuff that work for them and stuff that don’t work for them. This guide answers the most common questions for me, like how to setup my fish’s tank, what to feed it, how to deal with other stuff like diseases. It’s  a very simple book, but it’s better than the free information on the internet that are more often than not, contradicting. The most common betta problems are also discussed here, so I am able to prevent them. If you’re serious about giving your fish a comfortable life in the tank, then I guess the best way to go is to get this guide.

The guide's complete
Ernie Wells (from Faber, usa) posted this review on May 23, 2013

I like this guide because it’s got all information in one place. I got my first betta fish the other week, and had no idea how to take care of it. Betta fighting is all the rage in the office and I wanted to join in the fun. It’s tough conditioning your betta. There are a lot of tips to follow and you need to make sure it gets proper nutrition, and the tank is good, and how to avoid getting the water dirty, a lot of stuff to remember. I learned em all from this guide. I’ve three betta fish at home now and they’re all doing pretty well.

Talk about suckers
posted this review on April 26, 2013

Really, people. Read, read read FREE info. Sorry but being a betta lover for over 30 years and breeding them for a while, no book is worth a dime.  You find your own shortcuts and either know what to do or you don't, which means you need to keep gathering info FREE.  All this person is working from home selling his books from HIS experience.  You novices have to do your homework before getting bettas then you could have spent your money on really what is needed.  The author of this book should be thanking you all for not having to work and sweat too hard. Just give him $27 for his opinions and what worked for him.  My bettas live an average between 5 and 7 years and guess what.....I didn't read this ridiculous book. I wouldn't waste my time and definately wouldn't waste my money.

This has got all the info you need for betta fish care
Edna Hutch (from Weston, USA) posted this review on April 7, 2013

My son got a betta fish from his uncle for his 7th birthday, and I didn’t have any idea what to do with it. I have never tried taking care of a fish yet. Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Loversis definitely a helpful resource as I didn’t have to do any other research anymore. All the information I need is here. Right now, my son’s betta is doing great and I’m thankful to the author of this book for his help.

It's good to have
Roland Danes (from Fairfield, USA) posted this review on March 15, 2013

I wouldn’t say this is an absolute must-have for a betta fish owner because some of the information here you will find on some other websites. It’s just that here, everything’s more organized. It’s also difficult to find websites that are really made by people who are passionate in caring for betta fish. Fish care can be a little bit deceiving. Some people think is very easy to take care of fish, but that’s not true at all. They are delicate creatures, and you have to setup their tank well for them to survive. You also have to determine which kinds of fish can live together. There are a lot of things to think about better you get your first betta fish, and this book can help. If you’re not into research, and stuff, then this is what you need. At least you’ll get all the info you need in a single book.

Happy with this purchase
posted this review on October 11, 2012

I’m quite pleased with this book since it’s got everything I need to know to properly care for my betta. I got the fish from my girlfriend, but I didn’t know how to take care of it at first. I keep an aquarium but I haven’t had a betta before so I had no idea how to keep it healthy and happy. I was researching online, but the information are all jumbled up and contradicting, so I just downloaded this book. It’s just $27 bucks anyway, and it saved a me a lot of time. Also, I’m sure that the information is correct because they’re consistent throughout the book. Bottom line is that if you’re looking for a betta care guide then get this instead of wasting time on online articles.

Covers all aspect of betta care
posted this review on September 13, 2012

This covers everything I needed to know about betta fish. It was my first time taking care of fish when I got bettas, and they’re a little complicated to please and keep comfy, so I got this book. It covers everything from helping your fish adjust to your care to diseases and breeding. You won’t need to do any additional research if you get this book.

Complete fish care book!
posted this review on August 9, 2012

This is a wonderful book! It’s filled with important information that is well-researched and well-written. I know that there are a lot other resources on betta fish care that you can get online for free, but those aren’t as clear and as complete as this one. With this book, I didn’t have to rack my brain piecing together bits of information. Also, I’m confident with the info I get. The tips and tricks in keeping the tank clean helped a lot. I used to have an aquarium before, but the cleaning aspect was just too complicated for me. With what I learned from Marcus, I can keep the fish tank clean without too much work. I feel that I’m now ready to add more fish in my betta tank as I currently have only bettas in there.


I feel confident

I went to two major book stores in my area. They had betta books, but nothing specific enough to feel comfortable on how to care for the fish. Now I feel confident about helping my fish to live in an appropriate environment.

Esther Hopper

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