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BidRivals Buddy is a membership website that gives you insider details of other bidders in BidRivals. It helps you check the strategies of other bidders to help you win bids without having to spend too much money. Becoming BidRivals Buddy member is like watching every move other bidders make, so that you can have an edge on every bid. If you really want to win bids in BidRivals, BidRivals Buddy will let you have all the information you need to formulate your own bidding style and strategy.

As a member of BidRivals Buddy, you will gain access to the information of BidRivals’ current members, as well as their bidding habits. Included in this are the win/loss bids of every bidder, along with their number of bids, bid time, the time they spend on each auction, and other important information that say a lot about their personalities. Also, you will get essential information on the product you are bidding on, such as its winning patterns. As for the bid timeline, you will get the whole thing, and not just the past 10 bid like in other databases. The best feature though is getting BidRivals to notify you whenever there are highly-winnable bids.

It is definitely a waste of money to join BidRivals without joining BidRivals Buddy. Bidding there will be almost like gambling if you do not take the effort to study what you are bidding for, and who you are bidding against. BidRivals Buddy will make your bidding much more enjoyable, and lighter on the pocket.

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Amazing Product
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I want to say this product is amazing. It is a must-have for anyone wanting a decent shot of winning on BidRivals. I would have just thrown away hundreds of dollars more without this tool!

James T.

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