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Blank Family Tree Template Collection by Chris Clegg is a resource for all of you who want to put your family tree down on paper. The collection gives you access to templates, forms and step-by-step instructions on how to complete your family tree.

Blank Family Tree Template Collection includes 4 professional blank family tree charts, comprehensive instructions and 5 family tree research tracking forms. If you have someone in your generation who's adopted or you have step relatives, you can use the adoptive blank family chart or the stepfamily blank family chart. These charts combine the biological and stepfamily/adoptive lineages into a single chart. In addition to these charts, you'll get others that will help you trace back 50 generations! You'll also get forms you can use to record notes, major milestones and other information.

Blank Family Tree Template Collection usually sells for $7. However, if you are a student or an educator, you'll pay just $5.

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So many templates to choose from
posted this review on November 6, 2013

My sisters and I thought of creating a family tree as a gift for my dad’s 50th birthday. He always talks about his family in the Netherlands because his mom is Dutch. We never got to meet grandma because she died at a young age and dad and granddad went back to the US where granddad works for the military. We have many relatives in the Netherlands that we’ve never met, and thanks to Facebook, it became easier to track them down. We used some templates from here to make it easier. It seems like it’s easy when you’re just starting out but after a while, when you already got so many names from so many families, it becomes difficult if you don’t have a template like this. Blank Family Tree Template Collection has a large collection of template that’s great for any kind of family.

This made the task easier for me
Mei K (from Kansas, USA) posted this review on June 28, 2013

I thought of making our own family tree for my mom. She’s half Chinese and she wanted to learn more about our ancestors in that faraway land. Since I was going to visit China, I got ready to make a family tree for us and have living Chinese relatives sign. It was so easy following the pattern here. Even if I didn’t complete the family tree it still looked presentable and my mom really liked it.

The template made everything more organized
Jellyn Ravales (from Springfield, USA) posted this review on June 16, 2013

When my son asked me to make a family tree for his homework, I panicked. The teacher gave him a week to make a family tree. I hadn’t even seen a real family tree. I was thinking about drawing a tree and putting the names of the whole family in the branches, but my son got mad saying that’s not a real family tree. Of course, the internet was the first thing I consulted when I didn’t know what to do, and luckily, I found this. The template made it easier for me to organize everything, and it also taught me the basics of making a family tree. I actually had fun making our family tree. I kept a copy of it to myself, and submitted another one to my son’s teacher. She loved it! My son got a really high grade and he couldn’t stop kissing mommy for doing such a great job.

Very helpful
posted this review on September 23, 2012

If you’re planning to make your own family tree for any reason, this will be very helpful. Believe me, it’s difficult to start from scratch. This one will make it easier and faster for you, as you can just go ahead and fill out everything that’s in the template.


My Son got A grade on Family Tree

My son had to do a family tree for a school project and Chris had just what we need to finish it. He got an A on the family tree.

Kelly O.

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