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Blow by Blow is an e-book by Michael Webb, a well-respected sex and relationship adviser. It's about one thing all men love to receive: oral sex. Since there's no manual on how to properly execute fellatio to make the experience enjoyable for both men and women, Webb decided to write Blow by Blow. It's written to help all the ladies out there who want to give and get more from oral sex.

Blow by Blow details the preparation, techniques and everything you should and shouldn't do during oral sex. This e-book will teach you how to mentally and physically prepare for the act so you can enjoy it, too. It will also tell you the number one mistake you can make to turn off your man, leaving him disappointed and unsatisfied. Plus, you'll learn 15 fellatio techniques that will make your man moan with delight and reach climax fairly fast so you won't hurt your neck waiting for him to come. In addition, the book will also teach you proper hand placement and tongue movements that are key to delivering unforgettable oral sex. 

Because oral sex involves more than you may think it does, you need a book like Blow by Blow to fill you in on everything you need to know. After reading this book, you'll be ready to blow your man's mind. 

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It's a very detailed manual
posted this review on October 28, 2013

Blow by Blow is a very detailed manual. It’s step-by-step instructional manual complete with explanations. I think this is the most professionally written material on blow jobs. The language isn’t that vulgar, at least not as bad as other resources that I know of. I used to hate giving head but after reading Blow by Blow, I learned how to make it as pleasing for me as it is to my partner.

One of the few I enjoyed reading
posted this review on October 17, 2013

This is written for ladies, so it’s written in a less shocking manner. It’s something I wouldn’t mind sharing to my girl friends. It’s not vulgar at all, and it’s very casual, rational, and intelligent. This is how all sex guides should be both for men and for women. It’s not degrading, purely educational. 2 thumbs up!

The pleasure we give each other in bed makes our bond stronger
posted this review on May 24, 2013

These are definitely sex goddess secrets because I’ve been in a relationship for a few years, and I’ve also been giving blowjobs for that long, but a lot of the techniques here, I’ve never encountered before. My boyfriend loves the techniques! He said I’m the best in giving blowjobs and he’s never had a girlfriend before who enjoys doing it as much as I do. The truth is that I do it because I enjoy it, and not because I know he wants me to. We always pleasure each other, and that has made our bond as girlfriend and boyfriend so much stronger.

I'm getting addicted to my girl
posted this review on May 3, 2013

This is very practical information. Nothing too weird or dangerous to try. Not all the tips here are new to me and my girl, but there are also a lot that are useful. My girlfriend isn’t comfortable giving blowjobs, but she was willing to work with me to learn it and to like it. We read blow by blow together, we tried some of the techniques here, they’re enjoyable. She also enjoys giving blowjobs now more than ever. I always return the favor when she does that, so I think that also helps. She’s improved now, and it’s increased my sexual pleasure 10 or maybe 20 times. She always gives me one every single time we have sex. And they’re not just the average blowjobs, their mind-blowing blowjobs. She also says she doesn’t get strained because she already knows the right way to do it, so that’s another plus. She’s moving on the more advanced techniques now, and man, I’m getting addicted to her!

The BF and I are both Michael Webb fans now
posted this review on March 17, 2013

I’ve already read some of the tips here in other sex books, but I still learned a lot of new tricks. And it’s just 30 bucks so it’s not really that bad. I’ve already tried some of the techniques here on my boyfriend, and he liked them. He asked me where I got them from and I said I got them from Blow by Blow, and he asked to read it too, and he picked out some stuff he wanted me to do to him, and we had a lot of fun. Aside from some information here being old, the book is good and reasonably priced. Michael’s also got a book for guys, Lick By Lick, and my boyfriend got it, and it’s also a good book. We also have the intimate questions book, and that’s what we enjoy using when we’re both tired, and we just want to unwind in bed together. He has a ton other sex and relationship books and I bet the others are good as well. I’d say we’re both Michael Webb fans now.

My boyfriend said I give the best blow jobs!
posted this review on February 6, 2013

I learned a lot from Blow by Blow. It’s a unique and fun book for women. If you find giving blow jobs difficult then this is what you need. In fact, after reading this book I started enjoying giving blow jobs just as much as having sex. I think that’s a plus for both me and my boyfriend. He also said that I make him feel like he’s going to burst when I give him blow jobs. He’s been honest about getting it from his ex-girlfriends too and he says I give the best blow jobs and that he’s so lucky to have me!

We hope Michael gets to read this comment
Gladys Madel (from Inez, USA) posted this review on November 16, 2012

I would like to thank Michael for sharing his genius to the world. I’m one of the ladies he mentions in his book – those who want to please their men but do not know how. The book explained everything in a very detailed manner, yet it isn’t offensive like some other books are. It addresses the problem women encounter when doing the deed, but not in a dirty way. That’s one thing I didn’t like about other books I read before. They’re too vulgar. I think those books are made for more modern women and for the younger generations. But for me those books wouldn’t sell. I’d still prefer learning these things in a professional manner, and that’s what the book allowed me to do. After 15 years of being married, it’s just now that I’m learning these things. My husband is thankful too. We both would like to thank Michael if he’s reading this. I hope he comes up with more works like this both for men and women.

Tips and tricks that are new to me!
Darlene Hayes (from Yorkana, USA) posted this review on November 12, 2012

I love the tips and tricks and this book, and my boyfriend loves them too. He doesn’t complain about how I do it, but one time, when I was with the girls on a pajama party we discussed how we do it, and I felt stupid, all the girls were laughing at me, and then one of them told me to check this out because she did and her boyfriend like it, so I got mine too. As I said, I love it, and I’ve been using a couple of techniques from here whenever I go down on my boyfriend. I saw the changes in his response, and he seems happier to go down on me now to return the favor. There are also really good bonus materials included but the core book is the best. It’s still my favorite.

It deserves all th rave reviews
posted this review on November 2, 2012

The book absolutely deserves all the raves it’s been getting. I bought this after reading all the positive reviews on this website, and I wasn’t disappointed. I tried some of the techniques just the other night, and they are fantastic. My boyfriend loved them, and I enjoyed sex so much! It’s been our most enjoyable night so far, and I thank this book for that! Lovessss!

Love the fellatio techniques here!
posted this review on October 31, 2012

I’m still reading the book right now, and I think it’s enjoyable. I’m not into sex guides, but I’m really not that good in giving blow jobs and I don’t like it at all, so I decided to buy this book, and I thought maybe I’d get something good out of it, and so far so good. I like all the 15 fellatio techniques included in the book, and they really changed the way I give head. My man noticed the difference too, and he wonders why out of all the women he’s had in his life, I’m the only one who seems to enjoy giving blow jobs so much! I’m not telling him about this book because taking out the mystery might make it a little less exciting. The important thing is that I can please my man in bed while getting pleasure for myself as well.

Michael has got a lot of awesome tips and tricks!
posted this review on October 29, 2012

Michael Webb’s techniques are great. Before, I dreaded giving head because I thought it was disgusting, but since reading Michael’s book it’s become fun for me too. My boyfriend wondered why I kept offering to give blow jobs. He thinks I’m just that in love with him, but the truth is that I really enjoy it too.

posted this review on October 27, 2012

I love this book! It’s so hot! Just reading it makes me want to go down on my man right away. I tried the techniques on my man, and he said it’s the best blowjob he’s got in his entire life, and he’s been with a lot of girls. I felt so proud of myself!

A lot better than others
posted this review on October 20, 2012

The book isn’t as vulgar as others I’ve read in the past, which makes it more enjoyable to read for someone like me. I already have two children, but of course, my husband and I still look for ways to make sex more enjoyable for us. I’ve read many sex books before both online and physical ones, so I know which ones are of quality and which ones aren’t. Some others include techniques that I already found out on my own, while others are just undoable. This is just in between adventurous and doable, so you will find almost all of the techniques useful. Also, it is so easy to follow. Even if you don’t enjoy reading that much, you will surely find this book amazing. I had mine printed and bound and kept on my bedside table so husband and I can read it whenever we want.

A really nice book for women
posted this review on October 15, 2012

This is a great book because it’s written for women. It doesn’t just tell you how to please your man when giving oral sex, it also tells you how to get more out of it too. I know for some women, they dread it when their man asks for oral sex, I was like that before. Some women even feel like their men are unfair when they ask for it too often. But it’s a fact that if you want to keep your guy happy in your relationship, you have to please him in bed. Giving oral sex is a must when trying to please your man in bed. At least, with this book, us girls can learn how to enjoy giving oral sex too so it’s a win win situation. Don’t worry if you’re not into vulgar books. This is written for women, so it’s a lot less harsh than other sex books you can raed.

Unique ways to drive your man wild!
posted this review on September 26, 2012

I finished this book in just one sitting! I’ve had boyfriends before but I never took blow jobs seriously before because I get what I want from them without giving them head anyway. With my last boyfriend, he’s really demanding when it comes to oral sex and he even complains when I don’t deliver. I got this book, and tried the techniques on my boyfriend. He went wild! He said it’s the best blow job he’s had his entire life, and now I just keep getting better. I didn’t know giving head can be this fun for me. Just reading the book will surely get you hot for some oral action! I’m looking forward to reading more books from Michael Webb because I like how his books are written, and his techniques are unique. My boyfriend said, no other woman has ever done those things to him. It’s really a great way to keep your man stuck on you!

Made the deed enjoyable for me too
posted this review on September 25, 2012

I like the way this book is written. I’m not a regular reader of these naughty guides, since it’s kinda difficult for me to take the books that materialize women so much. This one is different. I like the way it thinks about how women should also enjoy doing it, and not just doing their man a favor. I think it made it easier for me to bear. I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with giving head, but I firmly believe that if the woman doesn’t enjoy it, then it shouldn’t be done. Since this book makes it enjoyable for me, my boyfriend and I both have rocking nights even when I’m on my period, or on those days when I just want to give him a treat, it also becomes a treat for me. All in all, I’m giving this book a high rating for its unique ideas in making oral sex enjoyable for women too.

This book has taught my girlfriend well!
posted this review on August 11, 2012

Yeah, this book is awesome. Asked my girlfriend to read it since she’s not that good in giving blow jobs yet. I’m her first so that’s why. We read it together and I’d say Michael is perfectly right in each technique he shares here. I mean I know what feels good and what doesn’t, but I just couldn’t get it out and teach a girl to do it, so there Michael did it for me. My girl had no problems with the book. I asked her if it was alright, and she said it’s great! I think this is better than most other books that are targeted for us males to teach women. Here, the book alone is enough to teach girls what to do. There are also some techniques here that I never thought of myself before. Every blow job my girlfriend gives me feels like heaven!

Informative guide... One of a kind
posted this review on July 3, 2012

It’s been a helpful book for me. I got this out of curiosity because I’m not really into these sex guides. I thought that my boyfriend was still the best teacher, until I found this book. It lays out all the information I need that my boyfriend can’t tell me for some reason. It’s a great book for all ladies out there, and it’s not degrading at all. Just enjoy the read, and I’m sure your man will enjoy spending more time with you.


That morning I was praising your name.

My wife and I have really good sex but I just keep fantasizing about getting amazing head and my wife just doesn't enjoy it and honestly, she isn't that great at it. I feel awful criticizing her so I until now I have just pretended like it was good, but I think she could tell it wasn't.

I also bought your ebook on Cunnilingus and got up the nerve to tell my wife that I bought both and maybe we could each learn how to please each other better. She read it that night and the next morning she woke me up with some of the stuff she learned.

That morning I was praising your name. I know it was just a fantastic blow job but somehow it made me feel more manly and that my wife was treating me like a prince. Tonight I shall try to return the favor.

Paul B. Athens,

When it was over he gave me the most passionate, deep, wet, sens

I always heard these stories about how men would do just about anything for one. But I had tried it several times and when I asked him how it was, it was always just "ok". I thought that maybe he was one of the guys who just didn't care for it much. Anyway, got the book and realized I was doing a few things all wrong. Last night I tried a couple of the more advanced techniques you describe and my guy was actually beginning to have spasms. When it was over he gave me the most passionate, deep, wet, sensual kiss ever and told me over and over how much he loved me.


I thought i know about everything

I got the Blow by Blow book and thought at 34 years old that I knew just about every thing there is to know about doing down on a man and the tip where you do _______ while going down on him, drove my boyfriend absolutely WILD. I can't wait to finish reading that and start with Stroke by Stroke!!


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