Bodyweight Blast X

by Ryan Cooper

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Ryan Cooper, owner of the popular blog Extreme Bodyweight Workouts, has released Bodyweight Blast X –a 180 page e-book that focuses on using your own body as your gym. It is divided into three parts, each covering a vital part in achieving a well-toned body without having to go to the gym.

The first part of the e-book is all about building foundation in this fitness routine. Here, Ryan Cooper defines bodyweight training, and makes sure that you have the proper mindset before setting out on a full bodyweight workout. It also includes a nutrition and diet plan to further boost the effects of your training. No worries about the diet plan, though, since it is more on the detoxification and fat burning side, not about the dreaded calorie counting.

The next part is where BodyweightBlast X starts doing what it’s really supposed to do. In this chapter, you get 50 customized bodyweight workouts that you can do whenever, wherever. These highly effective workouts last between 5 minutes and 40 minutes. They all come with detailed color photos to make sure that you will be able to do your workout properly, and get maximum results. Plus, they can all be modified to suit any fitness level and body type.

You get more bonuses in the last chapter. This provides other resources that can help you achieve results in your BodyweightBlast X training. It also comes with unique workout schedules and workout tracking sheets. Most importantly, it includes instructions on how to create inexpensive workout equipment.

With Ryan Cooper’s BodyweightBlast X as your guide, and your own body as your gym, all you need is a bit of determination to achieve that sculpted, perfectly toned body you never thought you’d have.

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