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by Jenny Bolton,

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Boost Your Bust is a must-have resource for women who want bigger breasts, but want to get them naturally. This e-book contains scientific information and the magic formula, secrets and techniques author Jenny Bolton discovered that transformed her from an A cup to a B cup in 6 weeks.

With this e-book, you can grow 2 cup sizes in just 4 to 6 weeks without needing surgery, pills or creams. Boost Your Bust is different from other breast enlargement e-books and programs because it focuses on controlling hormones that suppress estrogen and breast growth. You'll learn the truth about estrogen, the top 10 foods that can make your breasts grow, the massage that will make your breasts full and round and much more. 

The natural breast enlargement techniques and methods you'll learn inside Boost Your Bust are easy and safe. By doing them 15 to 20 minutes a day, you'll get amazing results fast! You'll be able to wear sexy clothes, show off your curves and get attention from men in no time!

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The improvement is amazing!
posted this review on June 30, 2014

My bust size has significantly improved through Boost Your Bust. I have been using this for only 2 months, but the improvement has been wonderful. I am now a B cup from an A cup and I didn’t have to gain weight in other parts of my body. It’s only my pair that grew. I look so much sexier now with my new breast size and I don’t have to wear padded bras that much anymore. I’m still going for a C cup, though! I think I’ll be on this program for another 3 months to see what happens.

I enjoyed boost your bust a lot!
posted this review on March 11, 2014

These are bust enlargement techniques that really work. It’s my first time trying bust enlargement because I was scared of those unnatural breast enlargement meds and stuff. It’s great that I found Boost Your Bust. I just do the exercises here and I’ve already increased my bust size by 2 cup sizes. Yippee! It was A-cup before and it’s not C-cup. It looks amazing in my petite frame. It’s just a bit difficult finding the time to do the exercises, but it’s fine for me, since I enjoy it now.

If you really wanna grow a cup size or two bigger, you need this
B. Murdock (from Billings, USA) posted this review on February 16, 2014

Boost Your Bust has really helped me have bigger busts. I’ve tried many other techniques for getting a bigger bust, but this is the only one that worked. The techniques in this guide are 100% safe and natural, so I didn’t worry about using them at all. In fact, I’m still using them until now, and I’m so happy with the results. Boost Your Bust is a must-try for all women. You really can grow a cup size or two bigger.

So fast! I hope it's permanent
posted this review on January 12, 2014

I had to buy a lot of new bras after a month on this program! It’s really surprising how fast the methods worked for me. My boobs are as big as when I was pregnant. I’ve always loved my body post-pregnancy because of my boobs, but it slowly shrunk to its original size, and oh how I missed my old boobies! Now I got them back and it seems permanent because they’re firmer. It’s just a month, so I got 2 more weeks before I finish the 6-week program, but my boobs are already looking so good. I really hope this is permanent! My friend who got into this first told me it is! I just hope it really is!

Perky busts permanently... with some work though
Emily Ugan (from Corpus Christi, USA) posted this review on January 11, 2014

My breasts have never been this beautiful! I’ve tried a lot of ways to increase boob size, but all of them are temporary and they only make breasts bloat, so you get saggy breasts, not the firm and perky ones that I really want. I’d rather have small breasts than saggy ones that make me look like I’ve a dozen children! Boost Your Bust helped me develop the kind of breasts that all women want to have. It’s permanent, safe, and cheap, so I highly recommend it to everyone. If you’re still thinking about surgery, try this first. It’s practically free, so there’s definitely nothing to lose. It even has a guarantee, so if you don’t get the kind of breasts you want within the promised period, you can always return it and get your moolah back! See, nothing to lose!

anita peacock (from hunt, usa) posted this review on August 16, 2013

Let me start by saying I am very much into herbs and health so following every bit of direction was no problem at all. I didn't cut any corners so as to make sure there was no margin for error on my part.   I could write a book larger than this ebook pointing out what I saw wrong or what didn't work and what I saw that was deficient in it, but I really don't want to give this much more of my time. So I'll try to be concise. It irritates me how everyone comments about the details and direction being so clear. The typos were the first thing I noticed then a referrence to a previos page that didn't apply.  I also had some questions due to some directions that weren't specific enough, like It's very important to take in lots of protien.  Well how much? 30, 50, 80grams? I didn't stop the regimen so to be sure there was no fault on my part.  Between 3 to 4 months I sent an email for some advice or direction.  Since then no reply to it but I did recieve 4 emails for a bust cream, make a man love you, succeed in love ect..  I'm really sad this didn't work. I'm sure herbs can work.  I just don't appreciate false statements I've read in reviews abount no unsatisfied customers or refunds.  It's because they just don't. At the end of the main website page there is the nice touch of Jenny Bolton saying," I will personally rush you a refund if for any reason you are not satisfied after the 60 days.  Just shoot me an email." I've got to stop here cause I've got to get back to changing diapers and serving breakfast. I sure wish I could have found some truth to all this.  I dont think I believe even the possitive reviews on this page are reall ones.


I worked about 4 months to get to C cup
posted this review on July 16, 2013

It took me so long to reach C cup! I think I used this for about 4 months before I reached C cup. I was expecting to be done with this after the first month as promised in the sales letter, but oh well. At least it’s a C cup now. The methods are very easy and natural, you don’t need to spend money on them. I didn’t gain weight as well. They say that to gain breast size, you have to gain weight, but I didn’t. My waistline is still the same. Must have gained a few pounds but that’s from the breast itself. It’s really heavy now! Some of my friends asked me if I had given birth because of the new breast size. But my breasts are firm, unlike other large breasts that reach down to the belly. I’m very happy with the result, and I think it’s worth 4 months of trouble. The only downside here is I had to buy new bras and tops to wear because of the big difference! But yeah, they’re so sexy now! I’m so excited to hit the beach and show them off. I’d even go to a nude beach now just to see how people stare at them!

It's not easy but I got 2 cup sizes in 3 months
Cindy Porter (from Brewer, USA) posted this review on May 12, 2013

Hi! I’m Cindy. I’m 26 yrs. old. I’ve had small breasts for as long as I can remember. I was teased because of it back in high school because my friends have already grown lovely breasts, while I was still flat-chested as a 10-year old boy. I haven’t gone past A cup since then. My boyfriend used to say that it’s no use making out with me because he couldn’t grab anything. I’ve never tried any of those supplements or magic pills they sell on TV because I’m too scared. Good thing Boost Your Bust came along! It’s not easy, I’m telling you! You have to follow the instructions, and if you’re stubborn as hell, trust me you’re not gonna see results (that’s what happened to my sister). But if you follow everything, you can expect an increase in your breasts right after the first month. It’s been only 3 months, and I’ve already gotten the 2 cup sizes as promised.

I jumped 2 cup sizes
posted this review on May 1, 2013

This has got effective bust exercises, and nutritional suggestions for breast enlargement. I’ve increased to a C after 4 months of use. I felt hopeless before because my doctor said the only way to increase my breast size was through surgery. I’m glad I found this natural technique before having enough money for a boob job! This is a natural program, so I didn’t feel guilty at all doing the methods here.

The natural methods here are very effective
posted this review on March 17, 2013

My friend from high school used to have tiny breasts. In fact, we used to bully her about it. When we saw each other again after 10 years, I was shocked to see her with a D cup! We all asked her if she had surgery or if she took some meds. She said she just did some exercises, and it just grew gradually. We pestered her for the exercises she did and she told us to just get Boost Your Bust by Jenny Bolton.

Boost Your Bust is a little intimidating at first because there are so many things to do, so many things to keep in mind. It’s a natural program, so you will basically have to alter your body through exercise and proper nutrition. You will also have to work on your discipline if you really want to see results.

It took me a month to get to B cup and then 2 months to get to C, but I’m stopping here. Since the effects are permanent, I can relax now. I really like how firm my breasts are. I don’t need push up bras and padding anymore. I also look a lot better naked! Hahaha!

Boost Your Bust System
kenhealth (from Mumbai, India) posted this review on March 10, 2013

The Boost Your Bust Program with its Natural Breast Enlargement Techniques, has changed the Lives of almost 8000 Women Worldwide and continues to change Women's Lives everyday.

The Best Part is that the ebook is very detailed, easy to follow and will make your breasts grow by as much as 2 Cup Sizes in just 4 and a half weeks.

I Guarantee That the Information in the "Boost Your Bust" EBook Will Change Everything You Have Heard, Seen Or Tried & Will Make Your Breasts Grow like crazy.

The "Boost Your Bust" System "Guarantee's Success" and that's why it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Start Feeling More Like a Women in just a Week's Time with The "Boost Your Bust" Program.

My breasts finally reached the perfect size
posted this review on February 1, 2013

This takes a month or two to show significant results, but at least you won’t have to go under the knife anymore just to have bigger busts. I was already preparing myself for a visit to the surgeon, and possible breast cancer in the future when I found out that it’s possible to increase breast size naturally. I’m glad I stayed up late one night, and decided to read up on different options to increase breast size. You really can find anything on the Internet.

The methods in Boost Your Bust are all natural, and completely safe, unless, of course, you overdo them. I think you cannot go beyond what your body can naturally handle, so no worries, you won’t get those watermelon breasts you see in freak shows. You can increase like a good 1-3 cup sizes, and nothing more than that. You can always stop when your satisfied and your breast size will remain the same. At least for the 6 months I’ve not been on the program, my breasts have stayed C-cup. I was A-cup before and I get almost suicidal when my friends and I talk about breast sizes. Now, I’ve the loveliest breast among all of us because it’s sized just right for my body, and it’s firm too.

2 Cup Sizes in 1 month
Julie Brawner (from Yuma, USA) posted this review on November 12, 2012

It’s really unbelievable! I got 2 cup sizes in a month, and my waistline, remained the same. It’s like the fat I was gaining concentrated on my breasts. It’s got the same effect as the cookie from Japan I used to it, and then it blew up my breasts but it only lasted for a week, and then I didn’t take it again because I got scared of the side effects. This one made my breasts bigger, and they’re firmer too. I think it’s permanent effect because my breasts are firm. Unlike when I took the cookie, they were large, but it’s like it’s only water in there. Like I just inflated it. Now my breasts seem solid. I followed the recommended lifestyle and food intake here religiously because I really wanted to see results quickly. I think that’s important if you want to grow your breasts right away. Follow everything stated in the book, no more no less because it works on your hormones, and your body has to be in a certain condition to get your hormones that way.

Natural methods are the best!
posted this review on November 7, 2012

Boost Your Bust worked for me! I’ve always wanted bigger breasts, but I wanted it the natural way. I’m not that desperate to go under the knife, or to take pills from whatever country that doesn’t have strict quality control on meds. I’ve known other women who took those risks, but ended up getting sick. Some other methods my friends have tried really grew their breasts, but the moment they stopped, their breasts shrunk again, which is kinda funny because people get surprised to see their breasts smaller all of a sudden.

For me, the natural methods in this book are the best ways to get bigger breasts. Sure they take time, and a lot more effort than unnatural methods, but at least they’re safe and the effects are permanent. I’ve gained 3 cup sizes since I got started on this last year. I’ve stopped for several months now and my breast size remained the same. The best part is that I didn’t have to gain extra weight to have bigger breasts!

I'm 2 cup sizes larger now!
posted this review on November 4, 2012

The methods in the book aren’t too easy, but they managed to increase my busts two cup sizes larger, so they’re worth every effort. I also like that everything’s free and total safe. Highly recommended!

A cup size bigger in just a month
Reg P. (from Walla Walla, USA) posted this review on October 21, 2012

I went a cup size bigger with the help of this breast enhancement program, and that’s just in a month. My friend who’s tried it too said the results will accelerate as I go along. I want to go another cup size larger and stop in there. I think I will be done before two months is up. I’m an A cup and my target is a C cup, so that’s what I’m working on. This book has some great techniques in improving your boob size without weight gain. Some girls increase their boob size by gaining a little weight. I’m already happy with my other body parts, it’s just my cup size that’s the issue so this is perfect for me. I’ve saved so much money I planned to spend for surgery but my boyfriend said no because he’s scared of the side effects. I’m happy that I listened to him and tried this natural program first before going under the knife.

My boobies look pornstar-ish!
posted this review on October 14, 2012

I love the way my boobies look now! They’re not just bigger, they also seem firmer and more alert! My boyfriend just loves them now. I was almost flat-chested before, but I was scared of going through harsh procedures and taking meds because that’s just dangerous! I’ve a friend before and her silicone exploded or something. I think it hollowed out one of her breasts or something. I’m not really sure. I did this book because it was just easy and not dangerous. I’ve a lot of time left after working in the salon, so I really set some time for this. That’s important if you want results there are some sacrifices too. Anyway, just give this a try. It’s a natural system so you can use it without checking with your doc I’m sure of that.

Really fast!
posted this review on September 28, 2012

I’ve always wanted big breasts but my boyfriend is against taking pills for it and he’s also not in favor of surgery, so I needed to find an alternative for those. One of my friends told me about a blogger who increased her breast size using natural methods, and while searching for that I also found this. I decided to download this because I was that desperate. I tried the methods in this book and at first I almost gave up because I thought I wasn’t getting any results, but after a month, my bras didn’t fit me anymore! Since I got started on this 3 months ago, I’ve increased two cup sizes. Which I think is really fast!

The only breast enlargement method I've tried
posted this review on August 13, 2012

If you want a safe and natural way to enlarge your breasts, this is the only book you need to purchase. I’m not flat-chested, but my breasts are too small for my size. It’s not proportionate, so I decided to try the tips in this book. I didn’t want invasive procedures to grow my breasts, so this is enough for me. It does not show instant results, in fact it took me about a month to see changes, but at least I’m sure that I’m doing it the safe and natural way. Also, even if my breasts got bigger, they didn’t sag.  I have a firm C cup now that looks so sexy. I’m not afraid to wear low necklines and tight fitting clothes anymore as I do have 2 healthy babies to boast of now. I’m still doing maintenance for my breasts but it’s easy and I just do them whenever I have time.

My twins look a lot better!
posted this review on July 6, 2012

I’ve gone a cup size bigger since I got started with this program. My twins are not just large, they are firm, round, and healthy looking. The last thing I’d want are large saggy breasts. These are just perfect. Makes my waist smaller too. My boyfriend says I look sexier now, and he also says to stop using it because my boobs are enough. I’m thankful I found Jenny’s book. All the work has paid off.

If my story isn’t enough, I got two other friends who tried the system after I told them about it, and they are already seeing results too. In fact, one of them has gone a cup larger just a month after she started. I really think all women out there who are not happy with their boobies should try this. It’s worth a shot.

I haven't used the book and
posted this review on March 13, 2012

I haven't used the book and quite honestly I don't plan to... After having purchased it back in november 2011, I contacted the author several times by e-mail, to ask some questions about the content. I received no reply whatsoever!!!! So it became clear to me that I wouldn't be getting my money back either! I don't trust it and I believe that this is a scam. Also, the last time I visited her website, my computer got some kind of virus...! 

Help me plz
Syd (from Porterville, United States) posted this review on June 7, 2011

I think it would be cool if you you could put this on something like Kobo( e book it's an app on the iPod and iPhone). I am 14 and I am really flat chested and all my guy friends make fun of me cause all my friends have big busts. I would really like to purchase this book but I wouldn't want my mom to find out about it cause it is really weird to talk about this stuff with her. If there is anything you could do it would be greatly appreciated. My email is [email protected]

Sydney Trussell
Porterville, Ca


No More Padded Bras...

I'm 33 and ever since I was in my late teens, I have been wearing padded bras to make my breasts look bigger. I've been trying to get my breasts to grow for years but I've never been able to find a solution that works. I tried Jenny’s book with little hope, but was extremely surprised to find I was getting results just 2 weeks after using her techniques. After 1 month, I managed to get rid of my padded bras and I now I'm loving the new underwear I treat myself to!

Rita Gonzalez,
San Diego, CA

Feels More Like A Woman

I read Jenny’s guide on how to make my breasts bigger and I have to report some good news! I've been using the techniques for about 2 weeks now and I'm already starting to feel more like a woman! I can wear all sexy clothes and please my boyfriend in ways I've never been able to before.

Hayley Doughty,
Middlesex, UK

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