How to Build Your Own Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System

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How to Build Your Own Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System is an e-book that will show you how to build a sprinkler system that will help you maintain a lush green lawn and save money at the same time. It's written by a man who's been in the lawn sprinkler business for the past 10 years.

This e-book will guide you through planning and designing a lawn sprinkler system that cuts your water bill and maintenance costs in half. Your system will use 50% less water, so it will be environmentally friendly as well. There's a step-by-step guide you can follow to cut down on installation time. You can have the whole thing done in less than 6 days!  Your automatic lawn sprinkler system will also help you solve the water pressure problem so you'll make optimal use of your sprinklers. Plus, there's information on which times of the day are best to water your lawn so you can cut down on water usage while still giving your grass and plants the optimum amount of water they need to bloom.

How to Build Your Own Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System will give you the tools you need to have a perfect lawn while sparing you the costs of a professional contractor. It also comes with 4 free bonuses. 

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Simple instructions!
posted this review on July 29, 2014

The instructions in this guide are very easy to follow. I actually enjoyed building my own sprinkler system, especially since I know that I’m saving so much money because of it. I spent really little money for the parts, and since I got free labor, I got even bigger savings. If you knew how simple it was to build your own sprinkler system, you wouldn’t waste money paying other people to do it for you.

I saved so much!
posted this review on June 2, 2014

I got How to Build Your Own Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System because I didn’t want to pay extra for a sprinkler. I’m still paying off my mortgage, so I’m saving every penny I have. This saved me so much money because the materials needed were so cheap. I also just rented some equipment from a local shop here. You can ask if you can do the same if you don’t have the equipment needed. That’s gonna make your life easier.

Very simple instructions anyone can follow
E. Kyley (from Kent, USA) posted this review on March 8, 2014

The instructions are fairly simple everyone can do them. As long as you know how to read and follow, you’ll be able to make your own lawn sprinkler. You’ll save a lot I promise! I’ve moved twice this year. The first time I had someone else setup the system for me and it was a waste of money because I only stayed there for a few months. Now I decided to do it on my own, since I might have to move again in a few months. I saved so much and it took me only a bit of time to set this up even if I have no experience yet in DIY stuff. Another good idea is to find cheap sources of materials and just borrow whatever equipment you need from friends and neighbors. You’ll save so much more that way.

It's a good guide but still depends on you how you do it
posted this review on November 11, 2013

I’m not good at building stuff so it took me some time to finish mine. My finished product isn’t as good as the one I had in my old house because I had that professionally made. But this one is good for the cost. I think I just made a mistake in some of the measurements. I should have been more careful with that. The guide itself is good but it depends on how well you follow it.

It's easier to setup than I thought
posted this review on October 19, 2013

This isn’t as difficult as I thought. I thought it was going to be really complicated, but I didn’t have money to get someone else to do it for me, so I had to do it myself. I’m glad I did. It’s really so much easier than I thought. I did everything alone and was finished in 3 days. I also got another system setup for mom, and she says it works better than her old sprinkler. This is a new skill I can earn money from, so I’m really excited. Hope everything is durable. That’s the last challenge here, and I’m really expecting it to be working perfectly well for a few years.

Clear instructions, cheap materials
posted this review on May 30, 2013

The instructions are pretty clear, and the materials and equipment needed are cheaper than I thought. Those sprinkler setup guys are really earning a lot from this!

good stuff
posted this review on April 10, 2013

Man this is good stuff! My mom was proud of me for the first time ever when I built her a lawn sprinkler, and she didn’t have to spend much for it. Took me 2 days to put it together cuz my lazy ass can’t keep working longer than an hour with no breaks. The book’s instructions are clear. The work isn’t hard to but you have to make sure you understand everything before you get started. I made a mistake and had to redo the whole thing, so that’s why it took me long. Other people can finish this in one afternoon.

The guide is easy to follow
posted this review on April 10, 2013

If you use How to Build Your Own Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System, you will really save on cost, but you will waste plenty of time, your choice. I’m retired, so I choose the former. I’m not very handy, so I had to spend quite some time tinkering with this but it’s definitely worth it because I got some personal touch to my lawn sprinkler and I’m bored at home most of the time anyway, and I’m just on the internet all the time fattening my belly, so this is a good change. The guide is easy to follow, but I don’t think they offer support because most products like this don’t.

Thsi surprisingly saved me a lot of money and time
D. Wilson (from Rayle, USA) posted this review on March 28, 2013

I have to admit that How to Build Your Own Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System really helped me save a lot of money. I was hesitant to buy this initially as I thought it was just some crap from people who want to make a quick buck, but yeah, I didn’t have the money to pay someone else to build the sprinkler for me, so I had no choice but to give the book a chance. What initially surprised me are the tips and tricks on how to lower the cost for the materials. I found it very promising, and so I followed everything the guide said to do. It took me 2 weekends to finish it, but it’s worth it. Now I don’t have to spend too much time bothering with my lawn. The wife and I don’t have to fight anymore about who should water it and stuff. There are a lot other tips here to make your lawn easier to manage. I highly recommend this book if you got a lawn. It’s gonna save you a lot of time and money.

You can have a professionally built sprinkler system for cheaps
posted this review on October 8, 2012

I wouldn’t say it’s a piece of cake because I don’t have any idea or experience in building something like this. I just didn’t want to spend so much money paying someone to do something I can do on my own. It did take me quite a while to finish our lawn sprinkler following the instructions here, but at least I saved money. I just work on it when I come home from work. And now it’s really working great. There’s no difference from the one we had in our old home, which was professionally made. This book is great. The instructions are very clear, and you get to find materials and tools for cheaps. I really suggest you download this and try to build your own if you got a few hours everyday to spare.

A must-read if you really want to build your own sprinkler syste
posted this review on August 16, 2012

This book has everything you need to know to be able to build a sprinkler system. It won’t be easy if it’s your first time, but it’s gonna save you so much money, so it’s worth learning. Designing my own system was easy, since I already had it in mind for quite some time, but building it was a little challenging. I couldn’t have done it without this book. It’s really guided me from the first step, until the completion of my system, so I recommend it to everyone who’s got plans on building auto lawn sprinkler systems. Don’t even attempt to do it without consulting something like this guide as you will just end up wasting your money and your effort.

Saved me a lot of money!
posted this review on July 10, 2012

I’ve always wanted an automatic sprinkler system, but I didn’t have the budget for it. once, while I was looking for ways to build one easily, I found this book. It’s a complete guide to building sprinkler systems from planning, to the material, to using your sprinkler system for the first time. I can’t believe I saved a few hundred dollars with the help of this book. It’s so easy to follow that I think anyone can do it. I save a lot of time now, and my lawn has never looked as green and as healthy.


My wife is very impressed with my work.

After reading the e-book, not only was I convinced that I could install my own irrigation system, but in fact, that is exactly what I did. I used the easy, step-by-step instructions and installed an irrigation system on my land that surrounds my house. My wife, who has always said I couldn't do anything handy, is VERY impressed with the job I did. I also appreciate Scott being available to me via telephone and email, to answer any questions I had.

Gary Dale,
Mossy Head, Florida

Automatic sprinkler system really does use less water

Scott is right; an automatic sprinkler system really does use less water than manually watering your lawn. Since we put in and started using our sprinkler system our water bill has decreased by $26! Living in a drought zone we are faced with many water restrictions during the summer time, but now thanks to your book we no longer have to worry about our yard not getting completely watered and our grass dying."

Sam Holbrook,
Phoenix, Arizona

The simple steps, tips, and diagrams made it so easy to follow

As a woman ... I had no idea how easy this manual made it to care for my lawn. The simple steps, tips, and diagrams made it so easy to follow, that I know anyone can do this. I used to dread going outside to drag around the water sprinkler. Sometimes I would forget the sprinkler was running, and would water saturate the yard in one spot. And then, there were times after working...that I just was too tired to even think about caring for the yard. Nonetheless, in a nutshell this book was the answer.

Donna Lee,
Newhaven, Connecticut

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