Bulldog Health System

by Jan Oswald, www.englishbulldoghealth.com

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Bulldog Health System provides you with all the information and resources you need to keep your English bulldog happy and healthy. 

Author Jan Oswald learned everything about this beautiful breed after his own bulldog became very ill. He nursed her back to health and after that, decided to pass on his knowledge so others can take care of their dogs. 

One of the most important things to know is that bulldogs are unlike other breeds and they are prone to a host of health problems. Bulldog Health System will teach you everything you need to know so you can keep your dog healthy. You'll learn all about the common problems that affect bulldogs, the importance of diet, the history of the breed and much more.

Bulldog Health System will help you enjoy a long, loving relationship with your beloved pet. 

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This is well-researched handbook dedicated to the healthy bulldo
On-Site Review

As a bulldog lover, I was aware of the various quirks in the bulldog constitution but it is disheartening when everyone from the vet to random individuals in the street tells you how troublesome bulldog healthcare is.
I really appreciate being able to embark on a health and nutritional plan based on the information in this book, to keep my pup healthy and happy. All of the extras from the doggie recipes to online resources are a terrific bonus!

Aileen Ward

I have learned a lot from this ebook
On-Site Review

What I love about "The Healthy Bulldog" is that the focus is strictly on our little (!) companions - and not broad-based information across all dog families that simply do not apply to our dogs. I have learned more about how to care for the ears, tail, and tummy of my bulldog, Pumpkin, in the few days I have had this book than I have learned in the 4 years she has owned me!

Sherry B

It was exactly the resource I was looking for
On-Site Review

I absolutely loved the book. It provided me with such helpful information that was so useful for my bulldog puppy Lucy. Bulldogs are extremely precious and special animals and do require a lot of attention because they are so prone to many health problems, needless to say it can get pretty expensive.
The book provided some great alternatives that we can do right at home without the use of a vet that will keep our bulldog happy and healthy.
It was exactly the resource I was looking for.

Marissa M.

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