Cancer: One Cause, One Disease

by Dr. Mike Thompson,

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Cancer: One Cause, One Disease is your blueprint to perfect health and freedom from all diseases. It will make your body healthy on a cellular level, and healthy cells are key to a healthy organism.

Cancer: One Cause, One Disease will help you take control of your body and your health by revealing the secret truth about cancer and health care. You'll learn all about cancer and why it's a cellular disease, how you can change your cells' health for the better, how to measure your current state of health and improve it, what you need to do to live longer, how you can prevent and even eliminate cancer and much more. 

This valuable e-book is written in easy-to-understand language so you don't have to be a medical professional to understand it. It will help you maintain perfect health throughout your entire life and also teach your children how to be healthy. It's exactly the resource you need to ensure long, healthy lives for you and your loved ones. 

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Only 6 months on this program and my son was cancer-free
posted this review on June 8, 2013

When I found out that my son had cancer, I researched on how to get rid of it the natural way. I’ve read about a lot of people surviving cancer through natural means, like proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. The doctor suggested chemotherapy, but I was afraid my son’s 4-year old body won’t be able to handle it. Through research, I met a lot of people who got rid of cancer the natural way. One of them almost died, but he recovered through the help of Cancer: One Cause, One Disease. Since my son’s cancer was still at its early stage, I decided to try this first before jumping to invasive treatments. I read the side effects of chemotherapy, and I couldn’t bring myself to let my son go through it. Plus, the money needed is more than we can handle. Cancer: One Cause, One Disease features diet and lifestyle changes for people who have cancer. These diet and lifestyle changes are really simple. We had to invest in water and air purifiers, and we had to put in extra effort making sure he eats only cancer-fighting foods, but other than those, it was a good program. We lived the lifestyle our son had to live and we were on the same diet he was. We basically all lived the cancer-fighting lifestyle.

After 3 months of being on the Cancer: One Cause, One Disease program, my son’s symptoms lessened. He was rarely in pain. His MRI another month after proved that the technique we were using was working. By the 6th month, he was cancer-free. Now, the whole family is still living the anti-cancer diet. We’ve already gotten used to it, and it won’t hurt to protect your family from this deadly disease, right?

It's a great resource on holistic disease prevention
posted this review on April 4, 2013

Two of my uncles, and an aunt died of cancer, so I’m pretty much paranoid when it comes to it. I’m really so scared to have it, and since my uncle died of it last year, I’ve been researching on ways to prevent it. I know for sure that we have the gene for it, so I’m working really hard on prevention. I believe that prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to cancer. Cancer: One Cause, One Disease is a very good resource on cancer prevention. I don’t know much about its cancer cures, but the prevention guide is awesome. I’ve read the scientific evidences supporting their claims, and they’re really convincing. If you are on the lookout for a great resource to read on your fight against cancer, this is something I’d highly recommend. Another good thing about this is that it’s not just about cancer. The methods here, since they’re natural and holistic, are also good for other needs of the body. Like if you need to stop heart disease and other stuff like that this is also a good thing for that.

Awesome health practices that can change your life
posted this review on January 4, 2013

These are natural healthy practices that have the power to change your life completely. Cancer: One Cause, One Disease may not be able to cure all cases of cancer and other diseases, but it sure will be able to prevent them. I’ve learned so much from this book, and I feel safer from diseases and a lot tougher now!

Easy, logical, and holistic ways to prevent cancer
May Belle Trinkle (from Springfield, usa) posted this review on October 22, 2012

This book is very informational and it’s professionally-written too. Honestly, it’s not something I expected from a $47 book. It has a different look at cancer and a different approach to prevention and cure. I don’t think this is meant for cancer cure, it’s more of a prevention book, but the methods here can quite possibly cure cancer. We have cancer in our blood, and a few relative died from it so I’m safeguarding my family against it as early as now. I make sure to give them their nutritional needs based on this book and to keep their bodies healthy in general. It’s not that difficult. The lifestyle and nutrition changes suggested by the book are easy to follow and logical. This isn’t quack medicine. It’s based on natural science, and a lot of holistic practitioners have approved this way of preventing and battling cancer.


The book is just awesome

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading this book. I began eating organically last fall which was when I first heard 'the truth' about what we are eating in today's society. I cannot believe how much JUNK is out there and that I used to eat like that!
I recently overcame cancer and am watching everything I put in my mouth. I was looking for more information about what happens to our bodies on a cellular level and this book was everything and more.

Dianne H.,

Every family on Earth should have it!

I think every family on Earth should not only have a copy of this book, but they should re-read it a few times a year to stay on track. If you follow the tips on oxygen and antioxidants alone we will Greatly reduce our risks of heart disease and cancer, the 2 biggest killers today!

Doug West,

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