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by Chuck Frey
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Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software (Second Edition) is a comprehensive guide for anyone who uses mind mapping software. This e-book, written by Chuck Frey, provides you with all the information you need to leverage the full power...
(12 votes)
The oil industry is one of the few that is still hiring regularly, even in the current economic climate. There are hundreds of job openings, ranging from oil and gas engineers to geologists to roughnecks. Even with so many job openings, it can be...
by Marc-André Cournoyer
(19 votes)
Learn how to create a simple programming language the quick, easy and fun way in How To Create Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language. This system was developed by coder Marc-André Cournoyer, and it will teach you all the tips and tricks you...
by David Russell
(9 votes)
Phrases For Performance Appraisals is the perfect guidebook for you if you're having a tough time writing your performance appraisal or review. This guidebook will help you clearly articulate your achievements and successes. You can impress your...
by René Molenaar
(26 votes)
How To Master CCNA is a book written for those who are about to take their CCNA exam. If you want to master CCNA and wish to finally get your CCNA certificate, then this book by René Molenaar - a freelancer dedicating his time to IT and the creator...
by Pat Riley
(5 votes)
Secrets of Breaking Into Pharmaceutical Sales will teach you the strategies, tips and tricks to help you break into and be successful in the field of pharmaceutical sales. Jobs in this field can be lucrative and and rewarding, but the competition is...
by Kevin Donlin
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Resume and Cover Letter Secrets Revealed is a guide to help job-seekers write effective and powerful cover letters and resumes. Author Kevin Donlin is the president of Guaranteed Resumes and has written and edited thousands of resumes and cover...
by Ebony Thompson
(19 votes)
The Smart Wholesaler is an eBook that documents how you can increase your profits in the real estate industry. With this eBook, you will learn how to outshine the competitors, so you can get all the sales while they look at you in amazement. The...