category: Exercise for Weight Loss

by Joy Houston
(4 votes)
Do you want to lose weight, have a fit and sexy body, and stay healthy, but the traditional diet methods and exercises you tried didn't work for you? Rocking Body Raw Food by raw food chef and certified food nutrition educator Joy Houston may be the...
by Tom Venuto
(69 votes)
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is a weight loss system that was developed by Tom Venuto – a veteran bodybuilder, nutritionist, motivation coach and freelance writer. It is a 337 page manual (available as an instantly downloadable e-book), that...
(38 votes)
Are you struggling to lose weight and achieve the body that you desire? There are numerous diet and weight loss methods or programs out there today, but most (if not all) of these programs are focused on pills, tedious workout routines, and...
by Holly Rigsby
(26 votes)
The Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System was specifically designed by Holly Rigsby in order to help women lose the weight they gained during pregnancy. It will help you burn your baby fat and get your body back by showing you exactly what you need to do...
by Rob Poulos
(13 votes)
Fat Burning Furnace is an efficient fat loss and fitness method, developed for the average person. The author, Rob Poulos, promises that his method will help you lose weight and develop a firm, attractive body in just 15-26 minutes a day a couple of...
by Anthony Colpo
(12 votes)
Learn the secrets to eliminating unwanted body fat and losing weight in The Fat Loss Bible. In this e-book, certified personal fitness trainer Anthony Colpo reveals an easy, step-by-step system that can help you achieve a lean and sexy body. This e-...
by Dan
(3 votes)
Discover how you can lose fat up to ten times faster than before through Burn Fat X 10. This program reveals proven fat and weight loss secrets and techniques that anyone can follow regardless of age, gender, family genes, and slow metabolism. With...
by Joey Atlas
(41 votes)
The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip & Thigh Makeover by Joey Atlas will help you lose unwanted fat and create a lean, firm and toned lower body. The exercises in the book target 3 key areas: Lose body fat and develop a lean, sexy body. Sculpt, lift and...