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Joomla is a powerful open source CMS (content management system). That means that you can download Joomla for free and use it to build everything from a simple web site to a large online store, online magazine site or even a paid membership...
by Chad Baldwin
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Creating 3D Cartoons Using Layers is a video tutorial by cartoonist Chad Baldwin. If you want to take your cartoon creation to the next level and give it that 3D look, then this is the resource for you. Even though Baldwin uses Corel Painter to...
by David Peters
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Photoshop Fast Track For Newbies is a collection of video tutorials that will teach you to use Adobe Photoshop. These step-by-step instructions will have you performing most common photo editing tasks in no-time. In fact, it will take you less than...
by Rich Pryor
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The SelfGeek Manifesto: Computer Secrets Unleashed! by Rich Pryor is a set of 3 e-books (plus a couple of bonus e-books) that will tell you all you need to know in order to have your computer running smoothly, protect it from viruses, back up all...
by Robert Seiler
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How To Study Bootcamp is an online course that reveals the secret studying methods of "A" students. When you become a member, you'll learn the top-notch methods that instructor Robert Seiler used to ace his university exams, get a...
by Chris Collins
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The Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix is a collection of PDFs and videos that will guide you in repairing your Xbox 360's infamous 3 red rings of death. This extensive guide is written by a true-blue Xbox 360 gamer, Chris Collins, who's tired of seeing the...
by Chad Baldwin
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If you want to learn how to draw cartoons, Chad Baldwin, a cartoon illustrator and the man behind, will show you how. In his tutorial called How to Draw Cartoons with Chad - The Basics he will teach you the techniques of drawing...
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Do you own a defective Xbox 360? Are you looking for a fast and cheap way to fix it? You don't need to send it back to Microsoft because there is a product called Xbox Repair Kit. This guide contains simple instructions and photos that show you...