Cheap Woodworking Secrets

by Jim Whidden,

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If you're a woodworker looking to save money on your woodworking projects, then Jim Whidden's Cheap Woodworking Secrets is a must-have guide for you. This guide reveals the secret to dirt cheap lumber and power tools that the author had discovered and used personally for his woodworking projects.

Cheap Woodworking Secrets includes these two modules:

  • Cheap Wood Secrets: In this module, you will learn how to get high-quality lumber and hardwoods for a cheap price – and in some cases – for free. You will also learn the two types of great hardwood that gets thrown in the garbage every day, how a rookie mistake can give you the chance to get all the premium grade lumber you need for your project, the little-known source of free antique timber, the surprising source of cherry mahogany and oak that's just “right under your nose,” and much more.
  • Cheap Tool Secrets: This part of the guide will show you the unusual tricks Jim has developed for getting insane deals on all kinds of power tools. Inside you will discover the secret to getting used yet in great condition top-of-the-line power tools at 80% off, the “sniper method” for convincing folks to sell their finest power tools for pocket change, that one place to find free power tools, the “shotgun method” for flushing out incredible deals on all kinds of tools, and more.

According to the author, the Cheap Woodworking Secrets guide will show you cutting-edge money-saving secrets other woodworkers won't learn anywhere else. This guide can help you save money, make money, and take your woodworking projects to a whole new level.

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For woodworkers on a budget
posted this review on June 25, 2014

Woodworking is an expensive hobby. It’s great that I discovered Cheap Woodworking Secrets because it really helped me cut down on my woodworking costs. This has helped me cut down my woodworking costs. I also found better tools than my old ones at cheaper prices. I’m happy with everything that I learned from Cheap Woodworking Secrets, and I highly-recommend it to those who want to get into woodworking on a budget.

Perfect for poor woodworkers
posted this review on April 21, 2014

Cheap Woodworking Secrets is filled with useful information for cutting down woodworking costs. I get better quality wood at lower prices. As for the tools, this also helped me get high-quality tools for peanuts. I was surprised with the tool and material sources shared in this guide. It’s the best guide on woodworking that I’ve seen because it’s especially written for the poor woodworker like me.  You will save a few hundred dollars per project if you learn the techniques here. On materials alone, you will surely see the savings right away.

The only one with useful information
posted this review on February 17, 2014

Dad and I are both into woodworking. We value quality over quantity so we usually look for the best materials and equipment to use for every project. However, it really puts a big dent in our bank accounts. Now that I already have a daughter, I really have to try as hard as I can to lower my hobby expenses. Dad’s also on pension, so he also needs to save. I was sooo happy when I found Cheap Woodworking Secrets because this has got a lot of tips that can really cut down cost. We’ve found so many suppliers of high-quality yet cheap lumber and wood. We’ve also found a lot of hand-me-down and cheap brand new equipment suppliers. We’ve upgraded our equipment for a fraction of the cost, and we sold the old ones on eBay for higher than the cost of what we spent for the new and better quality ones. This guide is really going to point you in the right direction. I’m so glad that we decided to become smart woodworkers. We now spend only half or even less than that for our lumber and wood. You really won’t learn the tips and tricks here on other websites. I’d tried a lot of free woodworking websites on the Internet for information like this, but I didn’t find any useful ones. This is the only one that gave me really useful information.

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